Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum

4 April 2016

tracks arte tv


In dreamtime

I walk outside me

Cotton buds

Landing zone

We master the skills we hone

Life hammering tool


Wishing wells

Alice falling slow

Fading goal


The ink reminder of space

The whole from the trace


Dying race

Blue kingdoms thrones lay

Barter’s point


Rituals practice of hand

More than mere demand


Writing notes

I compose lyrics

Unsung odes

Coursing through

Stimuli from electrodes

On my steel body


The living

Artificial world

It sinks heart

In puddles

The racing mind all muddles

Three cooks sip the broth


Seven sins

They speak together

Voices clear

Speak through fear

Confusing all I hold dear

With remnants of spate


Post scriptum

Unchain Queen of Hearts

She once wept

Eye’s desires

Dragon stoked the dying fires

While she rattled veins


Reading of the poem: 

traces theconversation com

Air – The White Birch

The Hours – The White Birch

Atlantis – The White Birch

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