In the ship directions sail

In the ship directions sail

30 September 2016

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Stilted featherlight

Wandering through inner skies

Blooming waterfalls


Days of glory set

Inside the boats of childhood

Dreamland distant fog


The ship seeks lighthouse

My flanks a mountainous plain

Blinding sight for mind


In between a pair

A single spark in gardens

Dotted lines redraw


Eternity’s map

Flowing from my icicles

Seeking waters tip


Retrospect a mast

In the ship directions sail

Hindsight foresight trail


Reading of the poem: 



Sjöjungfrun och konungadottern – Gjallarhorn

8 thoughts on “In the ship directions sail

    • Thank you Derrick. I actually hid that initial intent of blood seeping, flowing slowly from a numbed body by making it look like lines redrawn on a map. If you look closely you figure out: dotted lines (drip of blood not actually continuous) red, raw, eternity’s map (because blood is the lifeline, the key to eternity) flowing from my icicles (flowing from the tips of my numbed, therefore icy body). Sorry if the image was too jarring but I attempted to somehow hide the actual image in a smoother version that could be read differently. I like hiding different notions in my poetry 😀

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