True Love, Ego and “Death” or some personal experiences in Transcendence and Twinflames

True Love, Ego and “Death” or some personal experiences in Transcendence and Twinflames

21 October 2015

Courtesy Rassouli


We all hear that only two things are certain in this world, i.e. Death and Taxes and we all tend to acknowledge both of these are primal truths of our world. In reality, only one of them, Death, is true in a certain sense while the other, Taxes, is just an invention of this world and as illusory as the dimension it was created in.

As a foreword after this brief statement, I would like to remind that you may send me emails to the address within my “about” page but please refrain from sending me end of the world type admonishing or hate emails because those will simply go unanswered as usual. Please also do not send me requests for giving you follow-up which would actually require medical assistance because I am not such a practitioner. Although I have helped some of you in the past with personal issues, I only do that on the basis of “listening” to your woes and giving personal, non-medical advice. If you have harrowing mental problems, I suggest you get in touch with a mental health practitioner first and I am happy to just give some advice and comfort as a back-up support system.

Getting back to the world of illusions as it correctly or as is the case most of the times incorrectly decodes the energy that encompasses it, Taxes are obviously a construct and they only thrive because we allow them to. Taxes serve a system whereby individuals can be bound to giving up their actual purpose in life thereby becoming a grey shadow of themselves and continuously feeding the system of slavery by devoting their time and life energy to enhancing the system’s power. Did it never strike you as odd that some actually had to give up almost half their earnings for spending of a nature they probably would never have approved of had they known where the money was going? The point of taxes is, however, not my current preoccupation so I will leave it aside for now.

Coming to the statement, the actual only certain thing in this world and any beyond it is Love. Not the shadow, fancy love that most people are open to and that is constructed on the basis of appearances but actual True Love that many ridicule because they are unable to attain it, bound as they are by the beguiling charms of a life sunk into the matter without any other higher purpose.

True Love is that which transcends the matter, the illusion, the charm, that which is only made of one individualised Soul talking to another individualised Soul. I say individualised because we will one day realise fully that we are all truly connected and that the individualisation of souls is merely an experimental matter that happens within this existence for various reasons. For brevity, I will refer to the Individualised Soul as merely the Soul although it should be understood that the Soul in reality could be called the Higher Soul which then would encompass a different level including all the parts of Consciousness that chooses to manifest itself. Souls when individualised can be divided in three levels of existence: the bodily representation, the etheric self and the spirit self. Spirit self and etheric self interact quite freely but these two interact less with the bodily representation except when it has reached a higher level of consciousness at which time the communication channel opens up internally for certain works to be done on the material plane.

Not all Souls are capable of talking to one another because most have lost the capacity to communicate in Soul language which can be considered akin to telepathy. When latched on to the bodily representation, when experiencing the various thrilling or demotivating aspects of the world of matter, the soul gets confused with the bodily aspirations and communication and loses the capacity of communicating properly in soul language. When it does keep portions of this capacity, the communications are not routed in the correct way and mostly get tangled in the web of communications of all the souls that continue trying to establish communication channels.

When two souls are able to establish some sort of a communication channel and are able to talk for a while, this is then called a soulmate connection and some work is done via this connection. It may happen that such a connection is also lived on the bodily plane by an actual physical relationship which does not need to be a romantic love interest one. Soulmate connections give the grounds to establish that Love is a reality and that all reality lived within the illusion world is an offshoot of that Love, whatever distortions it may have gone through in the meantime to serve the higher purpose within this material plane.

Some Souls retain a higher communication capacity because their mission, in whatever way it manifests itself in the material plane, is to fully establish the reality of True Love. These Souls which usually come to manifest in pairs have a connection capacity which is called Twinflame connection as the jargon goes and the connection is a very strong one when it is manifested simultaneously from a time perspective and normally fully establishes itself – except for rare circumstances – on all levels including the physical plane.

To understand the Twinflame connection one must understand that once the connection is established, three levels of interaction emerge: the interaction on the spirit plane (the spirit part of yourself meets the spirit part of your twinflame), the interaction on the etheric plane (the etheric part of yourself meets the etheric part of your twinflame) and the interaction on the matter plane (the body of you meets the body of your twinflame).

I insist that I am not an advisor on twinflame connections but merely am talking on the basis of what I have experienced myself which may or may not conflict with what other people experience or talk about. I hope it helps others find and relate to their twinflames if they do exist on this plane at this moment in Time.

When an interaction occurs on the spirit plane and both spirits have devised that there is a twinflame connection, the connection is then established on the etheric level and there is acute interaction on the etheric side which is lived out in dreams most of the time by the bodily representation of the Soul. When the etheric being, in conjunction with the spirit being decides that the bodily representation is ready, the full connection is made between the two bodily representations. This happens first on the etheric plane and is facilitated by the etheric beings who carry into the body the effects of the energy weaving which is happening on the etheric plane. When the twinflames meet, they recognise each other thanks to this interaction that occurred beforehand and are maintained together by the energy weaving on the etheric plane.

In order to enable this connection to happen within the physical world, both the etheric being and the spirit being of a twinflame will sow clues leading to the other twinflame. These clues are called synchronicities as the jargon goes and are merely there to be looked upon as indications of a twinflame connection. The synchronicities are mainly time-constrained elements such as special numbers on digital clocks, dates that stand out in mind or in eyesight or within hearing or are art-related such as music or paintings. The main reason for the choice of time-constrained elements is that the bodily representation is very linked to the notion of Time that it creates and that it is expressed within and linked to so only such clues are looked at carefully by the unconscious mind. The reason for the choice of art-related clues is that art is the highest form of communication from the Soul and is normally perceived unadulterated because, with some rare exceptions of distortions, it talks directly to the Soul and has a common intrinsic value to the twinflame Souls.

A few problems that might occur or have occurred and that prevent this connection from establishing itself fully are the following: mental illness of one of the twinflames, drug or any other strong substance abuse, actual chosen energy weavings with another partner who might be a soulmate and more primarily a very strong ego and a total engrossment with the material plane. When such problems exist, the affected twinflame may either not perceive the synchronicities or simply misinterpret them.

Leaving the other extreme cases aside and not dealing with the case of an existing partner as that would be a personal choice matter, I will deal mainly with what happens in terms of the Ego. When the bodily representation totally identifies itself with the Ego which is the distorted energy pattern of the etheric and spirit selves constructed by the bodily representation from badly decoded messages sent by the these two selves, the actual connection is not possible. Indeed, the stronger the Ego, the more the bodily representation identifies itself with the misconstrued representations of its etheric and spirit selves and is therefore misguided instead of being guided. In this way, this twinflame attempts to latch on to another soul that is not its twinflame and projects towards it all the communication derivatives from its distorted etheric and spirit selves. When the other soul receiving the information is also expressing within the same context, this distorted communication will continue and enhance instead of pacifying the sense of deep suffering felt by the twinflame.

A bodily representation that is misguided will live its mission of Love as a source of great suffering and because of the connection to the twinflame on the other levels, it will communicate this suffering to the other twinflame even if the bodily representation of the other twinflame has successfully established full connection with and integrated its etheric and spirit selves and has not yet established a communication channel with the bodily representation of its twinflame.

When the bodily representation is not identifying itself through the Ego or has successfully severed most ties with the Ego and properly established the connections with the etheric and spirit selves, there is a greater sense of Harmony and Peace that go through the bodily representation. A greater acceptance of all that is occurs and the body continues to evolve in a world of Peace, Love and Justice which it wishes both for itself and what it realises are all split projections of itself all over the world. Upon integrating the two other selves and constituting what can be called a Trinity, the twinflame thus integrated is able to pick up quicker on the synchronicities that come its way in order to identify appropriately and connect with the other twinflame. The problem in establishing this connection is that the open channel gives rise to a two-way communication which then opens the twinflame to all the suffering that may be experienced by the other twinflame if he/she has not fully integrated all selves and is not yet ready for the twinflame relationship.

As the open channel brings in the energy of the other twinflame, dark and deep distortions of the energy as experienced by the other twinflame can cause what will be considered as small deaths by the integrated twinflame as they absorb the energy distortions and help to “kill” the overpowering effect of the smaller ego manifestations sent by the twinflame. The annihilation of the manifestations of ego sent by the twinflame are felt as deaths because the receiving twinflame perceives fully the ego shards as being fully associated with the other twinflame and because of the open channel then temporarily identifies these ego manifestations or shards as being itself.

It is only when all the energy distortions stop that the proper communication can be made between both twinflames for the real work to commence. Usually, an integrated twinflame is able to identify clearly the other twinflame, except where there are remnants of ego within that are not too big to suppress the connection with the etheric and spirt selves but still too confusing to identify properly the twinflame.

When the twinflame is identified, the integrated twinflame normally knows that the full work has not been done on the self as the other twinflame is not close to recognising it although it has seen or felt some of the synchronicities. Thus, if deciding to open the channels of communication, the integrated twinflame knows that this is a sacrifice that can potentially bring it backwards in terms of all the work done for integration because of the energy distortions it will have to open itself to when opening the communication channel on the etheric level.

Some twinflames rightfully choose to keep the channel closed or partially open with protections within it to avoid the pain and suffering that come through it and the potential of having to do some of the work all over again in order not to lose the benefits of integration. However, protections also delay the communication and can make the integration of the other twinflame as slow as it was initially. Some twinflames knowingly open the communication channel and are then submerged by what is received from the other side and can temporarily lose the capacity of relating properly to their own etheric and spirit beings although they are still not able to establish proper communication with the other twinflame.

During the biggest opening of this communication channel to the other twinflame, the core of the heartpath, the communication channel is at its purest and the synchronicity becomes totally convergent whereby the manifestation of it in the material plane will be a total coincidence/singularity of time and art representation. However, the pain that is felt by the integrated twinflame is totally unbearable as they absorb fully in the spirit of the sacrifice all the fears, suffering and sadness of the twinflame leaving them fully burdened by these emotions and the twinflame temporarily with feelings of great peace and solace. This is therefore a risky matter and sometimes, if the integrated twinflame has kept remnants of ego and therefore fear, that integrated twinflame may be afraid that maintaining the opening of the communication channel is going to bring them too much hurt to bear or take them backwards and might decide to cut some of the contacts thereby making the channel a protected one. This then creates a setback as the confusion may return again to the other twinflame, more specifically as they have felt a great sensation of peace and solace and may then again misguidedly route its origins towards something that was simultaneously present in their material world at the time, confusing that with the etheric communication channel.

When all misconceptions are cleared and there is no other problem left to resolve, twinflames may meet and totally relate in the physical world too thereby completing their double Trinity fully and ridding themselves and each other of any smaller remnants of Ego. The physical encounter is also not devoid of its dangers as the day-to-day life can become cumbersome if the levels of Ego are at a higher level than that which would keep the twinflames together. All of this is communicated on a regular basis by the etheric and spirit selves to each of the twinflames and if they listen carefully and out of the reach of their individual egos, they are able to successfully establish a lasting twinflame connection and then start their proper mission of Love.  I have no doubt that I will at least be able to achieve part of it despite all the pain and suffering and the carcasses strewn by misguided intent on the path towards it, I am filled in the deeper recesses of myself with the peace of knowing implicitly how beautiful it will be once the objective attained.

Transcendence is established by twinflames who are fully integrated and who are also able to get rid of their remaining shards of ego within the twinflame relationship and fully achieve that heartpath integration whereby they retain their individual characteristics within the bodily representations but are fully one on the etheric and spirit levels. Transcended twinflames live fully in True Love and their diffusion of the message of Love is received without distortion by all other twinflames who are continuing their integration as well as by other soulmates that continue to prepare in isolation other twinflames for their future and more important connections.

In some way, the balance between Death and Transcendence is very delicate for twinflames because of their greater connection to the communication channels of soul. Indeed, the spirit self which has little interest in worldly matters might diverge from the mission of Love and be attracted by the “Void” or the going back to the Source (the source of all creation) before the mission is accomplished thereby attracting both the etheric and bodily selves with it when integration has happened or is about to occur. The attraction to the void obviously represents itself within the material world by the actual death of the bodily representation of the Soul whether self-inflicted actively and directly or produced indirectly whether actively or passively by destructive patterns. Most of the time, the spirit self of the other twinflame keeps it from this straying by strong messages sent through the etheric and/or bodily representation of it even if the integration has not happened or the communication channel has not been fully opened between the twinflames. It happens on what one can call a “code red” basis of communication which then completely disregards the normal communication channel methods and processes devised by the Soul under guidance of the Source.

As for Death itself as we know it, it is a rather complicated matter which would require another set of thoughts and writings. Suffice to say that the premises of Death have been explained as the required event for a Soul to regenerate due to several items that deter it from its mission or because the mission was a punctual one and cannot be repeated and it is mainly due to this Time-constrained world as Soul has decided to manifest it. Other parts of Source have decided to manifest worlds that are not Time-constrained and in those worlds there is no notion of Time as we experience it and those worlds normally have no link with ours except on rare occasions.

Whatever your personal journey with Love, Death and Transcendence, we hope that you will find the above interesting and helpful for you and that somehow this will enable you to initiate your integration or move towards attempting it if you have not already done so. One interesting thing to mention is that when you are fully integrated, your healing capacities increase greatly and encompass other beings, not just yourself, so if you are on the beginning of your path, please do continue and don’t let elements of the grey existence deter you because it is truly a wonderful path to walk on.

Love and many blessings to all of you out there doing your work as you should be and I do hope that I will be able to attain Transcendence together with my twinflame within this lifetime as spirit has shown it to me.


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