Of summertime’s rains

Of summertime’s rains

30 April 2020

Courtesy 1zoom.net


Come to me

I will safeguard you

In bosom

Or in soul

As the banshees from you stole

Cries of the anguish


Let’s live life

On edge of morrows

Reaching out

Tall and stout

Final cleansing of sorrows

Negation of doubt


Speak the words

Of summertime’s rains

Lay your head

On my chest

Let me quiet all unrest

Rekindle your peace


Reading of the poem:

A tunisian song which appealed to me and which inspired the poetry. I hope you like it.

Inti Shamsi – Lotfi Bouchnak Morthada Ftiti .Chirine Lajmi . Nour Qmar

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