Your shapes’ ambrosia

Your shapes’ ambrosia

30 January 2016

ambrosia channeling newage bg (2)

Son of none

Father of the Sun

Your Priestess

Wife, Mistress

Mother of the holy cow

Calls upon you now


Flesh and bone

Cover the spirit

Breathe in me

Souls so free

The Ancient Times revisit

My staff now bestow


Breathing low

Close the boiling pit

We are one

The loves glow

Every pilgrim fear to shun

Dive in morrows’ slit



The time has now come

We are free


We will sketch our love in sands

Of Eternal Times


Your spirit

Precursor of bond

Glowing star

Flowing robes

Between us the timeless ropes

Passion of lifetimes


Look through me

See the Nile flowing

Off my heart

Through my soul

We will be together whole

Loneliness outcast


Sing with me

Voice of Nightingales



Remnants of memories swaying

Within our bosoms


Sum of all

Path to the doorways

Lead us now

Out of past

Welded into nothingness

Your glory recall


Hail my flanks

Their valleys truth’s mist

Shower me

Light and Sparks

Call flow of my river’s banks

Molten ecstasy


Tenth wonder

Elevate my creed

The child slain

In dark greed

Wash away his mother’s pain

Spread our children’s seed


Feed my soul

Your shapes’ ambrosia


My edges

Dilate within me bridges

To flowing castles


Twelve nights breathe

Moons and sandalwood

Our union

Morrows’ light

Every being growing sight

Healing our landscapes


Reading of the poem: 

ambrosia lovingwaz blogspot com

Cleopatra seduces Caesar – Jeff Beal (images from The mummy)

31 thoughts on “Your shapes’ ambrosia

  1. Haha!! 😉. I’ve read a few of mine but haven’t recently. Recently my poems have been so personal. I don’t think I’d be able to get through them without breaking down. I do miss reading them though. I think I’ll read one of my next ones. You have a beautiful voice! :). I could listen to you talk for hours or more. 😉❤️

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    • Am looking forward to hearing you reading and so sorry you’re feeling these last ones too much and hope you will stand tall again. Thank you for your compliment. I used to hypnotise my children into sleeping by reading to them or singing to them in the corridor in a very low voice when they were younger 😀

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  2. Hail my flanks
    Their valleys truth’s mist
    Shower me
    Light and Sparks
    Call flow of my river’s banks
    Molten ecstasy

    A sultry, wonderful metaphor. I listed to your voice and music while reading this and the experience was exquisite. The spirit of Nefertiti awakens.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. every words in your poem has a deep meaning – There is no one can find words for you – this is your own glory and destiny in writing. I consider your writing the best therapy, this is a fact…

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