In rapture

In rapture

4 January 2015


The daffodil weeps

In awe of relentless faith

Of sunflower’s quest

To light the soul always turns

Though the mind explores all hues


A mirage shivers

Reflecting shadows of past

Alive and yet dead

Haunting memories glisten

In skeletal white grimness


A mocking bird laughs

Its shrill amusement alive

With petals of mirth

As irony brims within

Chest locks in fun’s crescendo


Uneven sighs play

Upon the grass that trembles

Under pale dawn’s kiss

A memory in two minds

Of similar pallor sways


Cool dawn murmurs chills

Extinguishing the bright flames

Of your wondering

Listen through your darkest hours

To the silence in your heart


Jasmine fills the air

With glorious scent of mist

Filling my nostrils

Nostalgia is like such fog

Cloaking mind in bittersweet


Pale blue haze flutters

Hovering through the darkness

To cast light in soul

In rapture I shape contours

Of sweet long-forgotten face


Robin bursts in song

With happiness of skylark

Treasured in its throat

Abundance grows plentiful

Where the light shines through


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