Cast in stone

Cast in stone

4 January 2015


Blue is the journey

Of flight of sparrows in sky

As sun kisses land

Still mind initiation

Takes first light to other heights


Ball of fire soars

Shading pink blue horizon

With dragons’ embers

Mind’s fire belly echoes

Golden thoughts’ molten lava


Fog long forgotten

City extends its full frame

Shaking off the dew

As soul discards its dampness

Shedding leaves trapped under rocks


A quiet humming

Announces movement of day

That drive streets abuzz

Souls crossing time awaken

To forgotten trade exchange


A bird on my sill

Hops to and fro observing

Its shrill cry silenced

Mind to mind soul to soul talk

As I gaze into its eyes


Wings outstretched it flies

Small body tricking my eye

Covering the sun

And thus smallest speck of dust

Would bring clay giants to halt


The leaves on trees stir

With an unseen wind of change

That steadily blows

Seeds in my mind’s book dancing

To lost memories regained


The grass grown anew

Forgets heat of scorching sun

That yesterday blazed

No sorrows are cast in stone

For morrows will rise in ice

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