The multiplying effect

The multiplying effect

2 March 2016

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I, sometimes

Look beyond the hooves

Of rumbling

Time’s wagons

It is in ordinary

Revelations’ chimes


Slow steady

The boat sails oceans

Within tides

Of living

The intentions forgiving

The heart a clean lake


Then sometimes

In the tattooed stars

On the edge

Of sorrow

I rediscover the faith

Where your name is psalm


Mind in heart

Inventing reasons

To listen

To calling

The wild like red leaves falling

Upon winter’s snow


Outside me

There are fiery sparks


Soul’s movements

Lavender on white so pure

Weaving still secrets


Inside us

Stories of twin souls


Looking glass

The multiplying effect

You and I are three


Reading of the poem: 

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Green Grass – Cibelle

24 thoughts on “The multiplying effect

  1. I an intrigued by the mystical imagery that seems to be a common thread in your writing, as well as the visual images you choose to accompany your poetry. (And you have great taste in music!) Thanks for another great post.

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    • I guess I am a bit balmy. I always saw things that were not visible to the common eye and earlier saw it as a curse. It has now become a creative tool I draw upon and has had other incidences as well in my life which I now see as a gift. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation 🙂

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    • Thank you Eric. I believe in twinflames and what is called the third entity when you are with your twinflame or have made contact with your twinflame. The multiplying effect refers to that as well as to the fact that when you achieve that relationship everything is heightened both within and around you. It is believed that contact with your twinflame triggers the knowledge/achievement of your mission in life depending on the level of relationship 🙂

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