I see you, I love you, I miss you

I see you, I know you, I love you, I miss you


I see you

With the eye of my mind, I see you

Your body you can unwind, I hear you

Immobile, hands intertwined, I feel you

Your heart is one of a kind, I know you

I know you

With the sorrows that you cloak, I know you

With anguish in which you soak, I feel you

Though your voice ends in a croak, I hear you

Your mind is just so bespoke, I see you

I love you

Though my soul you did harrow, I love you

You flew off like a sparrow, I lost you

To the bone, to its marrow, I hurt you

And as my walls grew narrow, I cursed you

I cursed you

Not once did my brow furrow, I cursed you

With all hate I could borrow, I hurt you

A journey of such sorrow, I lost you

Twas dream without a morrow, I love you

I miss you

Salty teardrops in the rain, I miss you

Love has come and gone again, I need you

But my wait was not in vain, I reach you

Gone is past and present pain, I kiss you

I kiss you

Away with the pain, heartache, I kiss you

For yours, mine and our own sake, I reach you

Never again the mistake, I need you

Alas, again, I now wake, I miss you


Reading of my poem on youtube

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