Death of a leaf?

Death of a leaf?

22 January 2015


The leaf flew in wind

Hungrily eating the sun

That beamed on all Earth

A ray from far beyond time

Came to mind’s eye in secret


Green and translucent

Veins like needlework playing

Patterns of light food

Images flashing, shining

In inner soul’s retina


Like brilliant green flag

The leaf ate, shone and flew high

While the days walked by

Nights and days passed in tremor

Of whispering points of time


Pernicious yellow

Coloured late spring the green leaf

That slowly hung head

With end times now beginning

Even crowns bowed to common


Onward went bowing

With weight of days that followed

A red leaf once green

Memories too would ripen

Slow like a fruit without root


Bright red as ember

To onward journey it fell

A brown leaf turned grey

As greying head stored no more

Of yonder tales of wonder


Falling leaf cried out

Its anguish covered by wind

That shook the mighty

Frail body sees its own frame

With sad thoughts of oblivion


As leaf fell to ground

It saw its roots, its bark high

A glorious sight

Glory be with your whole self

As you see the tree now shine



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