15 May 2018

Hush George Redhawk


Hush she said and the woods were silent. The pitter-patter of raindrops a deafening sound covering her waning heartbeat. Hush she said and the rain softly subsided, an occasional drop on a leaf resounding like a thud in her head. Hush she said and the leaves ceased caressing the wind, their whispers fading into the rising dusk. Hush she said and the blood in her veins slowed tenfold until she could hear the drip like a background music to the occasional flap of wings of a cawing crow shaking off the rain. Hush she said and the darkness engulfed her with its palpable silence like a long forgotten and well-worn cloak. Hush she said her eyes finally closing, her soul softly embracing the dark night.


Reading of the short story: 

Wilderness – Adam Hurst



16 thoughts on “Hush

  1. Hush. Yes God’s words are that still small voice. Nature in all its forms.

    Hush by the Late Great Della Reese who was in the TV series Touched by an Angel.

    This song is part of the canon of what used to be called The Old Negro Spirituals. Many of these songs had a dual meaning both spiritual and that Black Moses aka Harriet Tubman was coming to take all who answered to Freedom. I can still remember not only hearing them sung in my Baptist church growing up but my Dad used to walk around the house singing.

    Not only have you created a heart & soul touching poem but you brought back some Old Time church memories for me. Thank You SiStar! ❤ ❤

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  2. I’ve been thinking lately about how sometimes, specially at night or just after going to bed, I can turn off the inside sound, like a faucet, and the difference is stark. Even though exterior noise might be happening.

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