Grow me, know me, show me, stow me

19 January 2011

Grow me, know me, show me, stow me

Grow me

Like the leaves on treetops I shall reach out

Like ramblings of a madman hear me shout

Like drooping willows shoulders ne’er stout

Like a budding flower this calyx I shall flout


Grow me

I hear rains in yonder desert that scalds all

I see pains in the eyes that heart will recall

I feel winds on arid plain at my heart’s stall

I know I may lose grip before the mighty fall


Know me

Like the blood scourging through my veins

Like the ache wandering out of my remains

Like the learned scholar who ignorance feigns

Like the burst in a bubble where fear reigns


Know me

I call to your heart what forgot your mind

I hear from your eyes we’re one of a kind

I fear from your lies that doom will us find

I fall from your rise with all you left behind


Show me

Like a puppet moving on some broken strings

Like a fallen angel with hammered-on wings

Like a remembrance of the forgotten things

Like the twist in my heart when memory sings


Show me

I want to feel like a tomorrow never comes

I want to reinvent those mathematical sums

I want to hear what every dumb man hums

I hope even the deaf hear my heart’s drums


Stow me

Like a precious stone that will never break

Like ember in my soul when again I’ll wake

Like the darkness of coal in every mistake

Like the water in the crystal of a snowflake


Stow me

I will pile into myself like some sliding mud

I will drop down on my slices with eerie thud

I will flow into my waters like a raging flood

I will fold as a smothered flower never to bud


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