As leaves shrivel brown

As leaves shrivel brown

15 February 2016

Devil saatchi art com
Courtesy Tomasz Alen Kopera on

Rasping breath

I barely control

Life inches

Away slow

As I gift its every glow

Consumption my deed


Waiting death

She pays never heed

To self-pity

Her mouth grim

Her face marble as eyes swim



We once could

Be token of hope

Building light

Heart of might

I stumble more than I cope

With weight of wording



Prose and poetry

Woven bright

Through the night

The wand of age old wisdom

Words raising kingdom



Two towers creep slow

From sands’ depths

Into skies

They bring truth where there were lies

End blood spent in waste


Burning trees

Within my bosom

Speak of fires

And wasteland

Oxygen for volcanoes

Disrupt blood and air


He whispers

Of breath that will cease

His hand soft

His cheek gaunt

His very touch daily taunt

As leaves shrivel brown


Reading of the poem:

devil pinterest com

Pergolesi – Stabat Mater (complete/full) – Nathalie Stutzmann & Philippe Jaroussky

18 thoughts on “As leaves shrivel brown

    • Thank you Derrick. We are two then to put things beautifully together from start to finish. I am glad you enjoyed both the music and Shadorma like I enjoy your recounts of your day with those lovely images 🙂

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