In the beginning

In the beginning

6 February 2012


Cheek in the ground, ashes to ashes

Splintered life most lived in flashes

Body’s weight to ground smashes

Red ink on frail body splashes

Wane light despair squashes

Hands clasped, it is not over


Time may stretch yet here it shrinks

Yearning to reach forever’s brinks

From a myriad of missing links

Living is but a few stolen winks

The captain with his boat sinks

Though sailor’s hope will hover


Gather with me so many a loose hair

As whirlwinds collect more despair

Stranded in this dark empty lair

While minds a heavy soul impair

So expect not a fate to be fair

Destiny is but a fickle cover


Autumn renewed face rosy to flaunt

Summer a shade of yellow did haunt

Spring witnessed a cheek so gaunt

Winter in two minds would taunt

Yielding everything I could want

In the beginning time was a lover


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