Fire beneath embers

Fire beneath embers

1 April 2020



He shows me

The means to an end


To renew

Yet my bosom is now spent

From pains underwent


I hold him

In memories’ space

Brittle lace

Where his face

Redesigns the melodies

That put heart at ease


We travel

Through the light that shines

Within heart

Throughout mind

We will revel when we find

Fire beneath embers


Reading of the poem:

Max Richter – She remembers

8 thoughts on “Fire beneath embers

  1. Thank you for enlightening me with this. I’ll try to experiment the same on my blog if I have your permission. My voice isn’t as glorious as yours but if it’s alright with you (because it’s originally your idea) I would certainly like to give it a try. 😅

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    • Welcome and please feel free to go ahead and do that in your blog. In reality I do not think of anything as belonging to one or another. I feel we are just vehicles expressing what flows from consciousness. One may have been chosen first for that flow but it does not really belong to that person. Everything that flows from consciousness is a collective gift. The copyright I have on my page is just so I can have a say in how the words that flow through me are being used.

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      • Thank you, but I think I’ll pass on reciting my poems. I tend to choke up with emotions and that leads to inconsistencies so I guess I’ll try to speak to my readers’ hearts with my words on the paper. Thanks for the lovely interaction!😅

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        • Most welcome. I believe that the more emotional the more you would touch your readers but that’s just my thoughts. I tend to read in the way I meant the poem as there is not much punctuation and sometimes there are plays of words so I put out my interpretation by reading aloud. That is how the reading originally came about.

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  2. The creative completeness of your post is truly delightful to say the least. How do you insert the voice widget in your post? Is it possible to do so with a free plan on WordPress?

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    • Thank you Sidharth. Yes I think I started inserting them when my plan was free. It is the same as for images, you just insert media. My media are .m4a files which are created by the recording app on iPhone.

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