Resuming other arts

Resuming other arts

10 August 2017

I realised yesterday that it had been a while since I had either drawn, painted or even photographied anything with great beauty so I thought I should restart that other creative side of me.

For starters, I will go back to using aquarelle which was not my forte when I used to paint a lot. My best medium in painting has always been acrylic as it does not stay wet for so long as oils do and can be used with minimum care and cleaning required during and after usage. The flipside of acrylic is that as they dry faster than oil, any correction cannot be performed as easily as it could be with oil painting.

My first attempt at restarting the painting side is below with two boys fishing at sea. It is a simple aquarelle painting but not dedicated aquarelle paper. Instead I have used simple smooth paper which is usually used for sketching. The result is a rather hazy aquarelle but I am not unhappy with the result. I have challenged myself to produce a series of 10 aquarelles over the following 10 days changing from the normal technique to alla prima and then attempting other variations but all on dedicated paper for aquarelle. Regardless of the result, I will post it so be kind if you find the painting atrocious 😀

Meanwhile I wish all of you a good evening with a short nostalgic song from Cesaria Evora called Saudade.


Boat with boys from Greenpeace USA website 3


Saudade – Cesaria Evora

4 thoughts on “Resuming other arts

  1. Sometimes I worry and stress about so many things that I forget to make time for the simple things I love to do. Writing and making art have always been more than hobbies for me – they’re therapy, a way for me to think and process my feelings and everything that is going on. My go-to is acrylic. Aquarell can produce a beautiful atmosphere in paintings but I have to experiment with it some more.
    Good luck with your 10-day challenge!

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    • I hear you and agree with all you say. Art is the best therapy really. In terms of the challenge I would put it more as a 10 artpiece challenge as I am painting inconsistently and sometimes am fully booked with something else than painting. Be well.

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  2. Wonderful Geetha that you’re exploring the parallel creative side of yourself. I renewed my journey with painting last year. Never tried watercolor before and decided to attempt playing with it. Interesting process. Enjoy!

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    • Thanks a lot Olga. I did a lot of sketching but very few paintings in the past and only with oils and acrylics. I am so happy to have resumed with painting with Aquarelle because it has such interesting effects. I am sure you are enjoying this medium as I am.

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