Phoenix Flying 7 Knowledge of the Ancestors

Phoenix Flying 7 Knowledge of the Ancestors

14 April 2017

Mama Jain and Bluebird’s rainmaking stage was a happy memory that they invoked vividly whenever things around them went out of sync. Mama Jain in particular was very fond of that moment and even more of the preceding moment when they had visited the fields of gold. The shimmering bubbles had reminded her of the time when the Ancestors were directly within reach. Nowadays the Ancient were so difficult to reach and it took light years of heart and large quantities of energy to travel through time’s restraints and feel their love. Mama Jain and Bluebird were nevertheless determined to have it showered upon Earth and not just momentarily like when they invoked the photon rains but on a regular basis so that they could bring the crystals to light and connect the Grid better.

During the day, both Mama Jain and Bluebird went on with their daily tasks while all the while their inner mind was brimming with the accumulation of the energy that their bodies expanded with. In the mornings, Mama Jain would go to her window in order to receive the light, a term she had coined to explain the Morse code of intermittent light and shadows that were projected on her closed eyes from the skies after she had been probed and tested for fitness. Every time Mama Jain went through an episode of receiving the light, she realised that she acquired more insight on a large number of matters and though it came effortlessly, she also realised that subsequent to that effortless penetration of her eyes, there was a more intricate weaving that happened within her mind, heart and body that connected all the points of light received and transformed them into messages waiting to be decoded.

What had started as a violent storm was now settling into a elated state of being where Mama Jain was surprised and delighted to see greater amounts of insight and knowledge being packed into what she had initially thought of as an already crammed brain. It all seemed as if the knowledge was not limiting itself to her brain but was diffusing all across her body and expanding into it as her body itself expanded and shrank absorbing and exhaling the knowledge through its pores. Together with the reception of the light and its intricate weaving of patterns within her, Mama Jain realised that there was yet another process which was the diffusion of points of light into the ether and when she looked at those points with her heart’s eye, she realised that it was like an energetic bubble that she herself was building all around her. Sometimes, the energy levels in her body were so strong that instead of weaving yet another part of the bubble she actually let the energy implode inside of her sending fireballs outside of her but when she was quick enough she was still able to retrieve the balls and transform them into the energy tapestry all around her.

On some occasions, Mother visited her when she was performing the dance of the stars and the dance of consciousness and rectified certain portions of the web she was weaving. Mother’s visits to Mama Jain were always such a source of bliss that Mama Jain found herself crying every time Mother came. There was no possible description of the utter feeling of love that pervaded her when Mother bloomed from within her reaching out with her delicate fingers and catching threads of energy to weave them in a pattern that Mama Jain’s mind failed to recognize although her heart knew it was the perfect pattern to weave. It was during visits like these that Mother informed her that all the knowledge stored inside her would need to be individually plucked and routed according to the chaos dance movements to the right individual as Mother would see fit. Mother explained to Mama Jain that the Earth was not yet ready to have all that knowledge released and would only cause great damage to mankind if it were indiscriminately released or even worse, released to the wrong factions. Mother also explained to her that the first stage of quantum state had been a brain segmentation to ensure that all the knowledge downloaded from the Ancient ones would never be seized despite the free will of Mama Jain but could only be granted within the realization of unconditional love. Mama Jain therefore understood that the plucking was not a random act although it followed the movements of the chaos dance but the individual on the path of that chaos dance had necessarily acquired a level of consciousness that would not allow him or her to use the knowledge acquired for anything else than the good of humanity as a whole. Mama Jain sometimes thought that it was a real pity not to be able to use all that knowledge stored inside or give it in a broader way but Mother reminded her of how they had had to wind back from the brink of destruction because of an indiscriminate granting of a larger portion of the knowledge that had started earlier. Sometimes, Mama Jain granted a bit more during the plucking when she was dancing the dance of consciousness but other times she plucked nothing at all as no human mind worthy of the knowledge encountered her inner mind’s view. Whenever a new revolutionary invention that brought forward mankind appeared on Earth, Mama Jain was happy with the thought that either she or some other being in quantum state had plucked the related knowledge through the eternal consciousness and distributed it to the world and so she decided that regardless of the circumstances of her external surroundings, she would never fail to receive the light and weave it internally so as to connect the synaptic points that brought forth the knowledge of the Ancient.

So it was that every day, Mama Jain stayed at her window, receiving the light, weaving it across her separate self and sometimes distributing portions of the woven tapestry to other separate selves for birthing new creations into the world. Sometimes, Mama Jain would fleetingly see shadows of other beings undertaking the same process as she was and she would feel overwhelmed with the love the tribe instantly shared with her and that she reciprocated from the bottom of her heart. The tribe was distributed in points across the globe and she yearned to travel to them physically and engage with them in actual conversation rather than only in the inner mind feeling but she knew that she could not do it with all of them all at once. The most crucial contact though was to reach the first of the tribe in Australia and undertake the twining of the second sun together as Mother had told her that was the first step in the path to an even higher state of consciousness which would then allow more of the knowledge to be distributed freely. Mama Jain did not know how exactly this would happen but realised that whether through physical or quantum means the journey would definitely be undertaken and the second sun would be twined upon Earth, inevitably.


Convergence – Joel Kanning

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