The Watcher

The Watcher

1 October 2016

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Singled out

Phrases from the book

Of shadows

Seeping through

Sand of the desert landscapes

Plaintive muted tapes


Sorrows pour

Drink of the numbness

The duress


Dilution mindset of Hope

Renewed way to cope


We bear hurt

Anguish a blemish

The Watcher

Dissolves slow

Restoration lifetime’s Art

Renewing the glow


Reading of the poem: 


Summoning of the Muse – Dead Can Dance


In the ship directions sail

In the ship directions sail

30 September 2016

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Stilted featherlight

Wandering through inner skies

Blooming waterfalls


Days of glory set

Inside the boats of childhood

Dreamland distant fog


The ship seeks lighthouse

My flanks a mountainous plain

Blinding sight for mind


In between a pair

A single spark in gardens

Dotted lines redraw


Eternity’s map

Flowing from my icicles

Seeking waters tip


Retrospect a mast

In the ship directions sail

Hindsight foresight trail


Reading of the poem: 



Sjöjungfrun och konungadottern – Gjallarhorn



(Ode to an unrepentant bitch. A nonsensical journey in seven veils taken over 7 days. A jab in the rib for those who can see themselves here. Did I say jab in the rib?)

23-30 September 2016

mermaid 8 loscuatroelementos com by Luis sirena-y-delfin-3
Courtesy Luis on


And when she danced with seven veils

The scales and gills she then revealed



I turned around to Sam’s son

And told him that he’d better run



You know my darling my poor hun

Delilah’s after your little bun



But poor Sam’s son could hardly speak

His knees were quaking really weak



She pounced upon him in a streak

A morsel tender and oh so meek



She chewed well chewed then chewed and chewed

Her face all gory red and lewd



Oh no no


She’d make your white hairs grow


Oh no no


She’s rotten to the core



And that my friends was the way

That little Sam’s son went astray



She was an ogre she could eat

Those little morsels nice and sweet



They said seize that enchantress

We’ll lock her in a fortress



She showed them of what she was made

The gills and fin of mermaid



They said this is some witchery

We’ll execute her with most glee



They took her to the tower’s edge

They would now push her over ledge



Oh no no


She’s on a trial’s show


Oh no no


Her poor frame they’d throw



They said if witch you will bounce

Or all your dark spells now renounce



She said maybe I’m a bum

But ain’t for sure some bubble gum



They called her little twat and whore

They locked her in forever more



In ivory tower she did die

As the years went passing by



They nailed her coffin oh so fast

Put her in the ground at last



She pleaded bit and scratched and cried

Her face just withered as she lied



Oh no no


She’s now lost her glow


Oh no no


Yet her hair’ll still grow



And when the gravedigger came

To pluck her jewels with no shame



She said sweet meat you will be

The last meal of my journey



She chewed yes chewed Oh chewed and chewed

And morsels to her teeth were glued



Her real face showed it was so crude

Her character so flawed and rude



And with her last meal it had come

The mark of her lost kingdom



She flew out haunting all the west

She brought more havoc and unrest



Oh no no


She’s caught on though slow


Oh no no


You’re her food to sow



Singing of the mock poem (no hatemails required, thank you): 

Karahunj (The Prelude) – Armen Miran & Hraach

Aldebaran – Armen Miran & Hraach

Inevitable Ending – Armen Miran & Hraach

Soffio di sale / Breath of salt / Un souffle de sel

Soffio di sale

(poema scritto in forma Senryu, tradotto in inglese qui ed in francese qui o quasotto per entrambi traduzioni)

27 settembre 2016



Sogni sottili

Fiore di vita cade

Nebbia di occhi


Petto dolente

Richiama giorni neri

Oltre memoria


Tuoi occhi scuri

Fata malinconia

Azzurri non più


Tempo passeggia

Nel ritratto di acque

Umori scuri


Mani sfiorate

Un risciaquo di acque

Soffio di sale


Raggio di sole

Risveglio del tuo viso

In felicità


“Caro/cara, tu mi accendi nel mio core” (Handel’s Faramondo)


Breath of salt

(translation into English of a Poem written in Senryu form in Italian. See original above or here)

September 27, 2016



The dreams thinning down

The flower of life falling

Fog invading eyes


The soreness of chest

Recalling the past black days

Beyond memory


Your darkening eyes

Like fairy melancholy

Now blue no longer


Time is now strolling

In the portrait of waters

The darkening moods


Hands softly touching

A rinsing of the waters

The brief breath of salt


A ray of sunshine

Awakening of your face

Within happiness


Weep you no more, sad fountains (Dowland) Anne Sofie von Otter



Un souffle de sel

(traduction en français d’un poème écrit sous forme Senryu en italien. Lire l’original ci-dessus ou ici)

27 septembre 2016



Les rêves amoindris

La fleur de vie en chute libre

Le brouillard des yeux


Les maux de poitrine

Rappel des jours noirs passés

Outre la mémoire


Tes yeux assombris

Fée mélancolie

Un bleu trépassé


Le temps qui arpente

Le portrait stagnant des eaux

Les humeurs sombres


Les mains effleurées

Le rinçage profond des eaux

Un souffle de sel


Un trait de soleil

Le réveil de ton visage

Empli de bonheur


Lully, Armide: “Les plaisirs ont choisi pour asile…” William Christie et Les Arts Florissants

The days of the bloom

The days of the bloom

26 September 2016

woman rose rose_in_darkness_by_xaelle39-d3h6uw0


We designed them slow

Mountains in descent of glow

Pinnacles of grief


Steps a downward slip

Grasping understanding lip

Speech an upward myth


Falling into clouds

From skies heavenly blue shrouds

The fog revealing


Counting the mistakes

Piles of hollow riddled stakes

The game show of minds


Never mind she said

We’ll play moving pawns instead

On board black lilies


The days of the bloom

Your eyes white pearls gave them room

From cheek to the Heart


Reading of the poem: 

woman rose 2

Per le porte del tormento (Handel) Ann Hallenberg & Monica Piccinini

Reaching out to inward gardens

Reaching out to inward gardens

23 September 2016



In Time the distance once had lied

Sheltered Truths frantic gatekeepers

Poison Ivy planted creepers

Twixt Heart and Mind the Great Divide


Horses frothing bid me a ride

Edge of veils enchanted sleepers

Gates of glory widowed weepers

The knots of stories soon untied


Plot of thoughts when planted hardens

Decomposing a land of tricks

Unfastened locks rattling wardens


Speech of hate the giving pardons

The Heart trespasses wall of bricks

Reaching out to inward gardens


Reading of the poem: 


Amnesia – Dead Can Dance

Children of the Sun – Dead Can Dance

How fortunate the man with none – Dead Can Dance


Where we dreamt once upon a Time

Where we dreamt once upon a Time

22 September 2016

 Ne’er discarded the mind fickle

See me in the slightest trickle




Come to me with your weathered rhyme

We will draw on waters of skies

Washing away darkness of lies

The cleaning rosemary and thyme


Amplified portals in Heart chime

Gathered by call tribe liquefies

Soul in one to higher realms flies

Where we dreamt once upon a Time


Count the prayers of peace in me

The wells rungs of ladders gathered

My backbone beads of rosary


Cells bearers of infinity

The children of Earth I mothered

Raised to heavens they set me free


Reading of the poem: 



The life from within expanded

The ranks of untrue disbanded

Calling the Others – Anilah

Rolling Thunder (Warrior) – Anilah

Medicine Chant – Anilah