22 May 2018

Storm woman Andy Bate


The night exhaled the scent of jasmine into her nostrils. She opened her eyes and peered into the darkness. She could hardly make out the outline of the jasmine tree’s branches. The pot with the tree had been removed by a friend who had taken the jasmine tree but the branches clung to the little hedge and still flowered. It was a curious thing to ponder on really. How those flowers could still bloom and the leaves still stay green while the tree had been snipped away from them was another of the mysteries of life. She went back inside her room where the darkness was thicker and lay her head on the pillow. She would check tomorrow if the leaves had begun to wither finally and she would then disentangle them from the hedge and cast them away.

The next morning was a gloomy grey morning as the dust from an oncoming sandstorm piled into the skies. She went to check the hedge and surely enough after their display of frantic desire to survive the branches were going limp and some leaves had turned yellow. The flowers too seemed withered and forlorn. She wondered if she should take them off right now or wait for all the leaves to become yellow before she would throw them in the bin. Looking at those desperate branches made her think of the eventuality of what consciousness went through when the body came to pass. Did all people’s consciousness linger desperately for a while without a body trying to find a way back into this life or unlike the flowers did they just stop blooming and join the collective consciousness the minute the body’s time ended ?

The dust in the air thickened and she could feel her throat going hoarse as the particles invaded her nostrils and found their way into her lungs. She sneezed as the wind picked up moving more dust her way. The branches heaved on the hedge and some of the yellow leaves flew with the wind before it settled bringing them to the ground. She reached out into the hedge and started easing the branches off it. As she piled the leaves into a heap, the wind picked up again and the branches scattered all across the pathway. The sky grew darker as more sand flew with the wind walling off the sun’s rays. She continued easing off the branches and finally gathering them together she cast them into the bin outside the gate. As she entered the house she could still smell the wane scent of jasmine mingled with the unmistakable sandy smell of the dust in the wind.

Dust in the wind – Melanie Safka



15 May 2018

Hush George Redhawk


Hush she said and the woods were silent. The pitter-patter of raindrops a deafening sound covering her waning heartbeat. Hush she said and the rain softly subsided, an occasional drop on a leaf resounding like a thud in her head. Hush she said and the leaves ceased caressing the wind, their whispers fading into the rising dusk. Hush she said and the blood in her veins slowed tenfold until she could hear the drip like a background music to the occasional flap of wings of a cawing crow shaking off the rain. Hush she said and the darkness engulfed her with its palpable silence like a long forgotten and well-worn cloak. Hush she said her eyes finally closing, her soul softly embracing the dark night.


Reading of the short story: 

Wilderness – Adam Hurst



The Interstellar darkness

The Interstellar darkness

22 April 2018

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She looked around her. The room was plunged in darkness akin to the that which her consciousness had been plunged in. She recalled how the two men had come to her talking of a former colleague that she had long forgotten. Later on she had discovered that as her consciousness was now entirely entwined with the collective consciousness, when she forgot someone whom she had known before that person literally disappeared completely from everyone’s memories. There was a period of lag however and it would seem that it was just before this happened that the two men had reached out to her.

She realised that whenever she forgot something or someone that thing or that person slowly started fading away or disappearing before vanishing altogether from the world. Once her former colleague back in her memories though, she resurfaced in the worldly realm and continued to carry on a normal life. She had also discovered that by small movements in her energetic alignment she could also make things or people appear or disappear as she shifted from one reality to another. This was not without its dangers however as it could also change her present and future altogether into something she might not necessarily like.

She also recalled how she had been so close to merging with the consciousness of her Twinflame and the rush of energy she had experienced when doing so. Although the merging had been averted she had been reborn into the realms of the Gods from the mere act of pursuing that merging and from that day on her consciousness had become totally entwined with that of Gaia and the collective consciousness of all the beings living on Gaia. She was still filled with sorrow at the idea of no longer being able to merge her consciousness finitely with that of her Twinflame but had been consoled by the fact that she was at least one with Gaia.

Of late, however, her mind was increasingly burdened by the intricacies of her situation and she felt every day less inclined to live in this world. Her daily meditation brought her a few hours of peace but then the humdrum of everyday life, especially one that had become so complicated, left her with a profound sense of dissatisfaction. Growingly she felt the stillness of the meditation’s peak draw her to it. She wanted to be one with the stillness, the great absence of any movement. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the stillness within, her consciousness calling the void.

Scientists around the world watched with horror as a black hole emerged at a point in space closer than what they felt was comfortable to the Earth. She opened her third eye and embraced the Interstellar darkness that called to her from within the void. Her consciousness merged with the dark energy that was throbbing within it and twirled around locked on to the energy. The black hole expanded and whirled. She felt her chest dilate almost to a point of rupture. The room was filled all of a sudden with a blinding flash of light.

Her chest expanded into the light before both seemingly collapsed into each other. She opened her eyes and could see the twirling dark energy. She raised her hands towards it but realised that she could not see her hands anymore. Her body had also disappeared and all that she could see was a swirling of dark matter joining the dark energy in front of her. All of a sudden she felt like she was on a joyride and she felt the rush before reaching a standstill again. Slowly she could see her body reappear in parts. It was an eerie sight. She closed her eyes again and could feel the darkness beckoning to her once more. Once more she merged with the void and its darkness.

Interstellar Main Theme – Extra Extended – Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

The Interstellar vacuum

The Interstellar vacuum

21 April 2018


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Brittle star

Captured in the dark

Morning lark


Succession of feathers lure

My role so demure


Twirling points

Whispered in the night

Fading light

Rising sight

The miracle that anoints

Aching of my joints


Hissing fume

Winding through the space

Between twirls

Body whirls

The interstellar vacuum

It calls to me slow


Reading of the poem: 

Interstellar Medley – The Best Of The Interstellar Soundtrack / Hans Zimmer

Time and Time again

Time and Time again

8 April 2018

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She looked out of the window at a blue sky full of fluffy clouds. Ironically the clouds reminded her of how the memories of him were slowly fading. She had known him once with utmost certainty but now she was not sure anymore. She thought back to their first encounter. Not the one she remembered consciously but the one that had been at the back of her mind when they had met fleetingly on the small strip before the beach. When she had glanced at him then and her eyes had met his she had known deep in her heart that it was him but the thought had been so preposterous that she had had to brush it aside, grit her teeth and walk on. She had then seen him go into a sports car that was parked on that strip.

For years the memory had haunted her. The thought that she had walked beside the love of her life and not had the courage to take a chance and speak to him had weighed her down for years. Then he had reappeared in her life. First in a ghost-like form with no words said but for the evanescent image of him. Then with increasing precision in the form to which was added a telepathic communication. She wondered whether he was aware at all of this or if she was the only one seeing and hearing him. His spirit-like presence then became a daily routine in her life but left her with the ache of not having him around in flesh and blood.

She turned back from the window and glanced around the room which was submerged in pale light coming from the one window that was open. The room reeked of wasted memories and unshed tears. She wished she could turn back time and go back to that moment to see if she could change the course of fate but she knew it was not possible here and now. It reassured her to think that there was a version out there in the Multiverse where she had taken that risk and was perhaps growing old with the love of her life. He whispered in her head that he would come to her Time and Time again when the elements were favourable. It reassured her even more to think that maybe serendipity would put them both on the same path again. In Time. She smiled a wane smile before the tears finally welled in her eyes.  Someday…Somewhere…In Time…


Somewhere in Time – Maksim Mrvica



5 April 2018

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In gardens

Slow I multiplied

The Angels


I gathered energy bouts

Feel the heart that shouts


Reading of the poem: 

Watermelon in Easter hay – Frank Zappa

Throbs and vibrations

Throbs and vibrations

1 April 2018

throbs paranormal hu
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The river flows

Endless and coursing

Through the rocks

It pulses

Sound of life and afterlife

Throbs and vibrations


Reading of the poem: 

Double Dutch – Jesse Cook