Once upon a Memory

Once upon a Memory

16 December 2015


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Rise in Grace

Walking into space

Driven flight

The Wonders

Universe speaks what I see

All lifelines that flee



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The thrill’s feats

Scaling other heights

The Heartbeats

The thunders

You in verse now talk to me

Roaring ecstasy


once hotamr com
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The others

Within mists vanish

Two to twine

Love divine

A world fading in sunshine

Warming my feathers


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Mind’s relish

All on knee brothers


But to Heart

As blood courses through our veins

Each to own soul’s reigns


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Pool of Love

Slow dive in Christ’s Mass



Once upon a Memory

When we were all free


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Once upon a Dream – Lana Del Rey


11 thoughts on “Once upon a Memory

  1. This is such a deeply spiritual piece, Geetha…I see a ladder to the tree of life; feel the dove rise from the night and soar above the clouds, waiting for that first blast of sunlight to warm its feathers; hear the whispers of conversation between God and the soul; the genuflection of the masses before the Son of God; and the body and blood which make up that pool of love…although, I know there is much more going on within these words and between these lines…beautiful, as always!

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    • Thank you Thomas. I am glad you see that connection and see the dove rather than the angel. I had in mind ideas of peace and of pledging alliance and loyalty to the heart, to love rather than going down on one knee for loyalty to notions, nations and causes that are the ruin of humanity. There is an intent to depict the tree of life and the whispers of the conversations between soul and the source of all and of course, a lot more that I will leave others to discover. Thanks for your always insightful and lovely comments 🙂

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      • You are welcome, Geetha…I read your work several times before commenting on it, and , often leave it for a while before commenting as to collect my thoughts. Your writing always speaks to me at so many levels that I find it hard to decide which one to focus on. It is the sign of great writing when the intent of a piece can resonate across cultures and continents – yours fits this perfectly. Again, my friend, you are kindly welcome 😀

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        • Oh my gosh! What a deep and immensely gratifying compliment this is Thomas! I feel extremely honoured and touched. I can say the same about your writing and it is much more concise. Then again I am a woman and we like to talk more 😀 :D. I have to say thank you again so much because I used to wonder before if it was worth it that I actually put up my writings on a blog, especially after my french poetry book sold so-so. You really put a bounce in my walk today as Annie the pixie would say 🙂

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