A New World awaits

A new world awaits

5 October 2015

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Butterflies flew low

Fighting with sparrows for Blue

Black rain threatened skies


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Horizons grew dark

Birth a difficult process

Deliverance in Fear


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Darkness so thickened

Rising with the stark Venom

That coursed through the Blood


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In Heart the panic

Spread a wildfire of sorrow

Flaming illusions

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Hark! Keep the Heart’s shine

For dawn lies at darkest point

Piercing through the night

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A New World awaits

Stored in the coils of our Soul

Shown while Time unfolds

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Take my hand fear not

Time is a place of riddles

I will show you Truth

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4 thoughts on “A New World awaits

  1. if there is a new world awaits – then, I would like to respond with your following words:

    Wrapped tightly against my bosom

    Delicately packed in emotion

    I hold you in eternal embrace

    Like a flower I feel you blossom

    I am wrought by night’s devotion

    Within infinity I see your face

    Time and space join and split

    In the wake of your haunting

    As my mind follows your feet

    Darkness from your face alit

    Eases night’s glory so daunting

    Is fighting your light’s fleet

    I whisper within your teardrops

    Your voiceless answer fills my soul

    With a thousand words of solace

    Destiny’s pace grows the crops

    That will tune into you to console

    The sorrow worked by disgrace

    While the shadows grew tall

    And the well brimmed with sand

    As the cherry tree fell to mildew

    Beckoning to a homecoming fall

    I reached and held again your hand

    In time I will unroll, the gift of you

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