Only…If Only…

22 December 2010


Only prayers in dark hours of night

Only stars shining yet again so bright

Only the wishes of all children crying

Only the truth of those forsaking lying

Could shed on the world better light

Could make it better, yes it just might


Only hems with a thousand stitches

Only brewage of remorseful witches

Only the whispers of innocent dying

Only forgiveness of those much plying

Could bring the world out of the ditches

Could remove of it the merest glitches


Only the cries of the newborn babies

Only the sighs of withered old ladies

Only the silence of those once defying

Only acceptance of those all denying

Could heal the world of its mad rabies

Could bring certitude to our maybes


Only the tears of those once almighty

Only the remorse of who was naughty

Only the plight of those not complying

Only the sight of the ones never seeing

Could bring to this world some safety

Could teach our rulers not to be hasty


Only the thread of a million sorrows

Only the deepest of yonder burrows

Only the madness of those still loving

Only the sadness of those now grieving

Could take this world out of its harrows

Could widen our thought as it narrows


Only the widow who has lost many a son

Only the child born alone akin to none

Only the warrior with knees all quaking

Only the philosopher with heart shaking

Could bring solace and make us all one

Could help the world glow under the sun


Only the uncast stones of many an outrage

Only the broken temples of the lost sage

Only the unspoken words with all meaning

Only the stirring of the atheist now praying

Could give us a faith that would us assuage

Could take out of our faith any and all rage


Only the remembrance of a glorious past

When we as humans paced not so fast

Only the peace of the restless sleeping

Only the heartache of tyrants weeping

Could integrate finally many an outcast

Could now enable our humanity to last


Only the glitter of glorious morning dew

Only those and some others but so few

Only such simple things all worth trying

Only so little to help us in all redefining

Would we finally retrieve the silvery hue?

Would we now colour our planet so blue?

Only…If Only…

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