We need the mortar

We need the mortar

7 November 2015

axe pixieannie com
Courtesy ponderingsofapixie.com


Look now dear Hatter

Oh no, now what can I do

Tie the laces fly


Just buckle my shoe

The mind that flies becomes lax

And takes days farther


Cross Heart if I lie

This now came from Annie’s Axe

I asked to scatter


None would now comply

And Shitji’s broken wall too

They found grey Matter


I set straight altar

From the darkest Blue

Where slits would run thin


Runaway tartar

Rides the Mongolian Wall’s Hue

As the Chinese Skin


We need the mortar

They keep giving us the glue

Sticky boneless spin


Kicks in Gibraltar

Highest in game who is Who

From soldier a Tin

wall shitjisharma com
Courtesy shitjisharma24.wordpress.com

Another Brick in the Wall – Song from Pink Floyd – THE WALL Movie

11 thoughts on “We need the mortar

  1. Wow, Humble Pie! Are you kidding me?! Such confluence of thought.

    Here she blossoms fueled by soft desire.
    Aching heart yearns for a simple, happy mate.
    No one stops today, but she lit a fire.
    X-Ray shows her fertile ground can’t wait.
    Unless you are a fool, you will touch her now.
    Enjoy it when you discover where and how.

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    • Thank you. Both Shitji and you inspired me for this piece so I guess there is something in it for you which would go back to a deeper part within each of you, given the context. For me woodcutter is associated with being around five years old.

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      • I’m flattered. Interesting how an object can evoke such different emotions in us both. I associate them with some of the happiest days of my life; hard work, outdoor fires, cooking, friends, fun and of the earth giving of its fruit.

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  2. Here something I just wrote. just in case you want something to read(smile)
    A lie which is being built without the public’s knowledge by the one percent.All Life is sacred and to be cared for and protected.
    Deforestation can only lead to the extinction of innocent species.
    The degradation and damage done to the great mother’s Ecosystem
    by people who are more interested on personal profit than in their own grandchildren and successive generation well being, will come back to haunt them. There will be no escape from this planet to some man made satellite.You will not be allowed to leave until you have respect in your heart for all life. Did you think that you will be allowed to continue your madness on another world?
    You spray the sky’s above my head.
    Giving all the people inoculations or vaccinations,that you won’t take, that have inert properties that when activated cause…
    You lie to the people while working on your dark plans to remove 3/4 of them from earths populations out of greed, so you can rule as God’s. You have created confusion and removed the true news and information about happenings and replaced the truth with scripted events to sway public opinion away from the yourself and you cause the people to harm and hate each other. Divide and conquer and the confusion of a hopeful out come is the tactic used, along with misdirection. You dangle a pretty thoughts and items of adoration with the inference of attainment but its only a dangling carrot.Like Babylon the great! To those that have the spark of light in them, be not of those who, following their idle fancies and vain imaginings, and have clung to the standards fixed by their own selves,as they cast behind their backs the standards laid down by the Creator.
    Written by Marc G. Doutherd

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    • Lovely Mark. As far as escaping to another man-made creation is concerned, you might be interested in reading some détails within the Chapter five of the short stories The Spirit Lovers. The Great Mother has infinite wisdom in her and nothing but nothing would allow an escape without purity of Heart. She said so herself in my dreams.


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