Building tomorrows’ smiles

Building tomorrows’ smiles

25 May 2017

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Breathing Life

Into lungs that singe

With dust rife

Blowing winds

Across the tides that ripple

With the waves of change


Weep the tears

Of togetherness

We confess

In duress

To moments of lone weakness

When target seems stalled


Mirror walled

The strength I muster

Breaking free

Shards recalled

Building tomorrows’ smiles

In the bees cluster


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Unity – Shinedown

Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin / The changes there rustled new world in jewel case

Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin

(Poème écrit en vers Alexandrin sous forme de sonnet occitan. Traduction en anglais ci-bas ou ici)

3 March 2017


Invoquer les abats dans un rôle de défiance

Chercher bruit assourdi dans le rythme des tempêtes

Prolonger les combats au-delà de confiance

Plonger en Coeur de nuit jusqu’à ce que bruit s’arrête


Il résume les ébats quand survient le silence

D’une clameur alourdie par les pas d’épithètes

Jour consume branlebas de la nocturne science

Fête par-delà l’ennui l’émergence des prophètes


Connais-tu désormais la couleur des lumières

Les nuits définissaient jusqu’au moindre recoin

Quand toujours et jamais se fondaient en clairières


Les obscurs finissaient dans un monde de déclins

Il fut vieux que j’aimais comme un souvenir lointain

Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin


Lecture du poème: 

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Horizon of Gold – Ben Leinbach


The changes there rustled new world in jewel case

(Poème originally written in French in Alexandrin verse in Occitan sonnet form. See original above or here)

3 March 2017


Invoking the offals in a defiant role

Look for muffled noise in the rhythm of storms

Prolonging the fighting beyond the confidence

Diving into the Night’s Heart until all the noise stops


It resumes the frolics when appears the silence

Of a clamor weighed down by steps of epithets

Day consumes the alerts of the nocturnal science

Feast beyond the boredom emergence of prophets


Do you finally know the color of the lights

The nights used to define up to slightest corner

Forever and never blended into clearings


The obscure were ending in a world of decline

He was old that I loved as a distant memory

The changes there rustled new world in jewel case


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Khumjung – Ben Leinbach

Heavens scent redeem

Heavens scent redeem

3 February 2017

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Gaia Wild

Love Wilderness Child

Let it Rain

Brave the Pain

As the Source of Dark Rises

Listen to Isis


Flashes find

The flesh burnt rewind

Forget Death

Catch the Breath

Heal within Soul from Gashes

When burnt to Ashes


Filter Voice

In Salt’s choice rejoice

Dance to Tune

Salt the Rune

Unearthing Ocean in Moon

From nothing festoon


Lost to Dusk

From Time’s goring Tusk

Tree from Rusk

Cloud in Musk

No Ash for child to smother

Dance with the Father


Child pristine

An innocence keen

Memory Sheen

Unseen Seen

Foster in you spring so clean

A rebirth to glean


Spring Jasmine

Dance to Music Stream

Hurt to Love

Peace to Dove

Dancing within Isis Dream

Heavens Scent redeem


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy Christian Schloe

White Angel – Stive Morgan

Magic World of Illusion – Stive Morgan

Ring of Spring – Stive Morgan


Changing Paradigms

Changing Paradigms

25 January 2017


Hello my wordpress blog friends. So sorry I have not been able to read so many of your posts since a few weeks now for those whom I follow and who follow me. I hope you will enjoy this short prayer which I offer in exchange for not having visited you.

I wish for you an interesting journey throughout the year watching how things unfold in clarity, in truth and in integrity as the Earth shifts towards new paradigms and new energies.

My best wishes to you all and may this year bring all that your souls need and the greatest blessings that your heart desires.

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Courtesy Christian Schloe




4 January 2017

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Courtesy Edward Poynter


Birth in stars

Growth in the moonshine

Blessed in wine

Sleek pristine

From gift of birth do not dine

Polluted alters


Sing story

Slow the candle light

Bring the sight

Slow the might

Sorrows empty change delight

Reversing altars


Voices ring

Ear deciphering


Carries weight

Of parcels deliverance gait

Wading through waters


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journey pinterest com Waterhouse John William -The lady of shalott - 1888
Courtesy Waterhouse John William

The Messenger – Audiomachine

Prologue & Birth – Audiomachine

Hope and Glory – Audiomachine

Reviving heartbeat

Reviving heartbeat

26 December 2016

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Paint my lids

A streak of teardrop

On backdrop

Of laughter

Getting worse getting better

Changes unfettered


One o One


Lessons learnt

Pupils burnt

The eye a raging fire

Knowledge a pyre


Flame to grow

Prometheus dam

Holding back

Rivers rage

Wisdom for none to assuage

Aching of the sage


Shape my buds

To taste of honey

Flowing slow

From the flow

My chest now filled with the glow

Breaking point of seams


Riddled dreams

Orange tangerines

Bitter sweet

As I eat

Core and more through flowing streams

The memory gleams


Whistle low

Softening the blow

Drunken feet

Take to street

Where we strangers known will meet

Reviving heartbeat


Reading of the poem: 


Letting Go – Nitin Sawhney

Homelands – Nitin Sawhney

Breathing Light – Nitin Sawhney


Walk Swim Fly

Walk Swim Fly

6 July 2016

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Rebirth’s toil

Reinventing self


The remnants

Low hanging fruit of cluster

Like diamond pendants



Resounding silence

Only core


Remembering the absent

Decoration spent


A lifetime

Walking in penance

Hearts and spades

All just fades

Tricolour flag of clover

Hovers in game dreamt


Dealing rack

Falling through the skies

Like black rain

Hurried pain

The lashes bring back flashes

Of otherworldly


Thoughts to stack

Truth to tell from lies

When twin suns

Sizzle roads

Even dark rain quenches thirst

Of insides that burst


Seamless stitch


Don’t ask why

Walk Swim Fly

Change with the hammering tides

The meek soul abides


Reading of the poem: 

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Walk – Ludovico Einaudi

Elegy for the Arctic – Ludovico Einaudi

Fly – Ludovico Einaudi