The winding footsteps

The winding footsteps

2 February 2016

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I walk to the hiss

Of nighttime

And ravens

I find bloodied safe havens

The riddles galore



It creeps into Heart

Ice and rock

Like playgrounds

Fitted with the snowbound ears

Readied coals’ embers


I colour

The dreams of the lost

Cast souls’ mast

Wild banners

My fingers know not the cost

Of lilies and smears


The white flag

Hovering like breath

Under tears

Play do me

Child clay a pool of dark fears

My music a sin


Wave the wand

Glory disappears

Magic wanes

Sugar melts

Truth around us how it pelts

Hail to story’s spin


Stir the pot

We cook what we dream

Stew and Heart

Spices art

Of broth and the melting meet

Pieces of our selves



Moons in the wings’ folds

Seven skies

Greet my sighs

We sever what we know not

The winding footsteps


Reading of the poem: 

footsteps 123rf com


Colours of the night – Evi Vine

December – Wooden Arms

For the Dreamers – Evi Vine

Tide – Wooden Arms

How Time Flies – Evi Vine

Chariclia – Wooden Arms

In this moment – Evi Vine


14 thoughts on “The winding footsteps

  1. This makes me think how fast time goes! It’s beautifully written! You always write so eloquently . I love how you always add music to your pieces. I do the same thing. Music move a me in a way nothing else does. 🙂 ❤️

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  2. I love the out of body feel of this piece, Geetha, like I am watching the year slip by from some vantage point, trapped between the sands of a hourglass.

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  3. Superb! Aside from the thought provoking words you’ve written, you’ve included a passion of mine – the Sphinx. I’ve never heard of Evi Vine, either and she was a revelation. Thank you.

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