Spirit calling

Spirit calling

26 August 2014



Let me not follow your tradition

That into submission stifles you quiet

While I follow my heart

That is of the infinite

The whole and the part


Bring me not back chained

To your borders

While my mind roams

The eternal wilderness

Free and worriless


What ties a man to a land

And a soul to that man’s world

Is but a foot long of sand

Square, all edges cutting

And an invisible chain of woe


When the hurricane blows

The body latches on to a brick

While spirit latches on to the stars

The gusts shake the clinging body

While spirit flies in stardust


“I belong to the beloved”

He is none, he is many and he is one

Paper clippings one can trim

But spirit’s wings

The infinite will not shun


Call me not to the limited township

Where your body dwells

Come fly with me

In the infinite time

Where my soul soars

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