Sim City 8 : Parthenogenesis and Omega’s deal with the pack

Sim City 8 : Parthenogenesis and Omega’s deal with the pack

2 November 2017

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With her first bite, Omega realised that the animal she was eating was not cooked and she was eating it with the blood still in it. The clones were eating similar animals and she watched with curiosity as they took the trickle from the side of their mouths and made red marks on their forehead and cheeks with it. She asked Antares what this was and the latter answered that this was to welcome her into the tribe and wish her a long existence. Omega thought it strange that a welcome should be conveyed with what seemed more like war paint to her but she said nothing and merely smiled at the copies and at Antares. The copies smiled back according to Antares although to Omega it looked like they were snarling. She found it curious that they should be consciousness clones for which the bodies had been formed by Prime Creator from the same DNA of his wife with certain modifications that he had inserted to enhance his wife’s DNA as it led to a deficient immune system.

Omega was not sure why Prime Creator had created first the bodies and then extracted the consciousness out of them to place them into the Sim city instead of carrying out his experience in his world with the clones. She was also not sure why he chose to use his wife’s DNA if it had a code of deficient cells in it. Another thing which she was curious about was why she did not have the same deficiencies and none of the animal-like behaviour and appearance as the other clones. According to some notes that she had extracted from the pile of data that Prime Creator had been compiling, she had started transforming her own shape as well as the world around her. She was not sure about how she had gone about the process but just realised one day that she could do it like she could project herself out of the Sim City in a human body and not just as an electric presence. Antares was tracing her thoughts as she had not shielded herself against the telepathic communication but she was not worried as she did not expect Antares to causer her any harm.

Omega signaled to Antares that they should not stay like they were, secluded, but should rather get back to Prime Creator’s fort and help the other beings in Sim City to come out. Antares was not sure this was a good plan as within Sim City none of the beings had ever shown an interest in being out of the limited scope of the city. Omega mentioned that a lot had changed since Antares had left and many had started questioning their surroundings as their consciousness had started growing in awareness under the influence of the growth of Omega’s awareness. Omega told Antares that they should rescue the others because they were similar beings to both of them and chances were that many of the women were altered versions of consciousness downloaded from bodies created using modified DNA of Prime Creator’s wife. When Antares mentioned that there were too many dangers both out in the woods and in Prime Creator’s fort, Omega argued that they could establish a pact with the beasts that followed Aiga and exterminate the wilder beasts together with them. As for Prime Creator’s people, they just needed more clones so Omega suggested that perhaps they should wait until more clones ran away from Sim City.

Antares looked at Omega strangely before informing her that there was no reason to wait for more clones as they could create them. When Omega looked at her curiously Antares slowly folded upon herself and seemed to signal the other clones as well because all of them folded upon themselves. When they slowly unfolded Omega could see that they seemed to be in an advanced stage of the reproduction cycle she had learnt about in Prime Creator’s databases. Shortly after that, Antares and all the clones had laid down something that looked like an egg with an infant’s legs and as Omega watched closely, the beings folded upon themselves and continued mutating into something that looked more human through each cycle of mutation. When the process was complete each of the earlier clones had developed one more clone totally identical to it and Antares had one which was totally identical to her.

Omega was astonished with the rapidity of the growth and wondered whether the clones would be weak but Antares assured her that they would have the same strength as the clones they derived from. According to Antares, Omega herself could do this as any consciousness could fold and modify matter at will when freed from the notions of limitations on matter. Antares told her that the earlier clones had a less developed consciousness than her so if they could do it, then she could do it as well but the only restriction she had was her impression that she would not be able to do it successfully while they followed their primal instinct to do so effortlessly. Antares told her that they could do this at will as many times as required although each separation of consciousness and matter from themselves weakened them. It was therefore not advisable to make too many at a time.

Antares beckoned to Omega and her new-born that she said would be called Cassandra and when they were close to her she bonded their hands and signaled to the others that they should follow the lead of these two as if they were following her and should any of the three fall, then the tribe would need to follow one of the survivors. Antares asked Cassandra and Omega to make sure that they guided parts of the tribe separately so that they would not all die at once if attacked by the beasts. Omega then focused on Aiga calling out to her so that she may come and join forces with them. Aiga told her that this was madness as they had no weapons while Prime Creator had very sophisticated weapons but Omega said they would have the advantage of the surprise and the number. Besides they could steal into the fort using the sewage system which was not guarded as she had found out on one of her incursions into Prime creator’s world. Omega and Aiga agreed that they would join forces to take down the large wild beasts before attempting to take down Prime Creator. Antares had tuned into their telepathic channel and let out a growl which all the earlier clones and the new clones replicated as all of them could hear the approaching sounds of paws thumping the ground…


Amadeus on the Nile – Martin Tillman


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