The feathers or the eggs?

Was it for the feathers or for the eggs?

17 August 2010

And the rooster crowed

And I asked, “rooster, why do you crow so”?

The rooster said, “because it is in my nature”

And the rooster showed

His lustreless feathers that shined no more

Said, wait as I get some shine from an old pasture

The rooster strutted over to his forgotten hen

Sitting cowering there in her narrow den

And the rooster said, “give me back my lustre

Or all hell against you I will now muster”

And the hen squawked

And I asked, “hen, why do you squawk in fright”?

The hen said, because I just want some peace

And the hen balked

At the rooster plucking her feathers, causing her plight

Said, my beautiful eggs and feathers you shall not fleece

The rooster crowed

The hen squawked

The rooster said she owed

The hen again balked

They ran around in circles so vicious

While foxes and wolves hailed this precious

Unexpected, juicy meal for the years to come

That would last a while, make their stomach a drum

The fox jumped upon the hen

The wolf nabbed the rooster

And that is when each fowl realised

That they were oh so ill-advised

And fox and wolf lived happily ever after, their stomachs replete

Morale of the story: When dead, no more feathers for which to compete

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