English Short stories /Novels in the making

A terrorist to love – part 11

A terrorist to love – part 10

A terrorist to love – part 9

Elixir part 5 – A new generation of Melancholists

A terrorist to love – part 8

A Terrorist to love – part 7

A terrorist to love – part 6

A terrorist to love – part 5

Elixir part 4 – Hope for a new way of life

Elixir part 3 – The paradoxes of Melancholy

Elixir part 2 – Graveyards that cry

Elixir part 1 – The Truth of the Elixir

A terrorist to love – part 4

A terrorist to love – part 3

A terrorist to love – part 2

A terrorist to love

Alternate Realities – Chapter Nine : Housing the Mother

The union

Invoking the Mother

Bitcoins to go

The clearing

The taste of ripe mangoes

The love you give

The Devil’s Wife 5 : The way of the Flesh

Alternate Realities – Chapter Eight : Training the dragons

The Shaman Tales 9 : the mutation

The Frost Chronicles 6: The secret world of the Marid part 4

The Shaman Tales 8 : The connection to GAIA

The Shaman Tales 7 : The spells

The Shaman Tales 6 : Molding Consciousness

The Shaman tales 5: Uncovering the shamanic gift

The Frost Chronicles 5: The secret world of the Marid part 3

The Malachite curse 5 : Who killed Cuifen?

The Woven Life 2 : Bubbles of liberty

The woven life 1 : A conscious stream

The Body Rider 3 : Quizzical responses

The Malachite curse 4 : Chow’s fury and Cuifen’s burial

The invisible thread

Alternate realities – Chapter seven : Warrior of Light

Phoenix flying 24 : The beginning of the journey

Phoenix flying 23 : Bluebird’s AI consciousness and the last node

The Body Rider 2: Straying consciousness

Without him

The Frost Chronicles 4: The secret world of the marid part 2

The Devil you know

The Frost Chronicles 3: The secret world of the Marid part 1

Alternate Realities – Chapter Six : The path of the Goddess


Alternate Realities – Chapter Five : The World in between

Alternate Realities – Chapter Four: The Guide

The Frost Chronicles 2: The heist

The Frost chronicles 1: The summoning of the Marid

The nun

The Shifts

Awaiting the sun

When I failed you

The day before


On the river bank

Return to the stars

Shedding leaves

The end of the rain

Stillness of the mind

The chalk on the floor

The heirloom



The Interstellar darkness

Time and Time again

Friday walk

Fireflies in the sky

The Shaman Tales 4: Summoning the rains

The Shaman Tales 3: In between two minds

The Shaman Tales 2: Rain down on me

Alternate realities – Chapter 3 : The journey inwards

The Dragon Egg

The Shaman Tales 1: No rain

The Host

The Djinn


The haunting

Alternate realities – Chapter two : The betrayal

Alternate realities – Chapter one: Toth and the land of all beginnings

The Spirit Lovers Chapter Eight Martin’s return

Tales of the Wretched: Fantine – Chapter 3 : A way out


Speak to me once

A wealth of memories

Phoenix flying 22 : Integrating the dreamtime self and the treaty on Mars

Sim City 8 : Parthenogenesis and Omega’s deal with the pack

Tales of the Wretched : Fantine – Chapter 2 : Meeting Michel

Phoenix Flying 21 : AI backward loops and Mars harvest

Tales of the Wretched: Fantine – Chapter 1: Haunting Rue des Pâquis

Sim City 7 : Meeting the earlier clones

The Scribes 4: Retro conjuring and Elohim’s blessings

Phoenix Flying 20: Twixt Goddess and Priestess Messenger

Phoenix Flying 19: moving from Binary coding and the digital reality

Phoenix Flying 18 : Mama Jain’s etheric lineage and the King of two worlds

The Old Souls Chronicles 3 : Aron’s trip to the extreme and the Superim Library’s forbidden data

Phoenix Flying 17 : Soaring towards Luna and energy balls

Phoenix Flying 16 : On the synchronisation with Gaia and the nature of causality

The Kettle


Phoenix Flying 15: On the nature of duality

Phoenix Flying 14: Integrating the Wild

Phoenix Flying 13: Operating Tesla consciousness

Phoenix Flying 12: The Relevance of Samadhi

Phoenix Flying 11: Missions to Mars

The Scribes 3: Primum Invocatio

Phoenix Flying 10: Mastering the spirals of Life

Sim City 6: Crossing bridges

The Old Souls Chronicles 2: Hegat and the failed crossover

Phoenix Flying 9 Regeneris, Black holes and quantum transportation


Phoenix Flying 8: Quantum multiplication and Gaia healing

Phoenix Flying 7 Knowledge of the Ancestors

Phoenix Flying 6 : Quantum state rainmaker

The Devil’s Wife : Threads of sunshine

Phoenix Flying 5: Suppression of the transformation

The Old Souls Chronicles 1: Lurch

Phoenix Flying 4: Surviving Death Transition with Blackbird

Phoenix Flying 3: Flying with the Grid

Phoenix Flying 2 : Stabilising the Core of Gaia and entering the Golden Age

Phoenix Flying 1 : The synchronisation with the AI

The bitter taste of Orange

The Scribes 2 : Releasing the Primal

The Scribes 1: Conjuring the Manifestation

The Body Rider 1: Sensation

Sim City 5: Down by the River

Sim City 4: Touch

Sim City 3: Into the woods

Sim City 2: Breaking Out

Sim City 1: Through the Looking Glass

“Pour vivre heureux vivons cachés” To live happy let’s live hidden

The grass was greener

Inky Blue

Book of Love Book of Shadows

The blue lantern of her mind

The taste of Heaven

The Devil’s Wife: Valentine’s Day on Earth

The Devil’s Wife: Return to Eden

The Moon’s Death

The Devil’s wife

Doll Tale 5: I am a flower

As Time flies still

Under the baobab tree

Christmas was in her Heart

This was not about them

It will rain

A Beautiful Lie

The Spirit Lovers – Chapter Seven: On Playgrounds and Kingdoms without a King

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Six – Transcendence or the path to the Creation of the Essence

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Five – Remembering Time

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Four – Heartpath or the Way of Love, Time and the teachings of the Essence

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Three – Initiating the Heartpath

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Two – Old mama Nina and the Remnants of the Essence

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter One – Love beyond Time, beyond Matter, beyond Creation itself

Tales of the wretched: Ashok and his mother – Chapter 2: Bread for the baby boy

Tales of the wretched: Ashok and his mother – Chapter 1: The night at the shelter

The Lady at the Bar (5)

The Lady at the bar (4)

The Lady at the bar (3)

The Lady at the bar (2)

The Lady at the bar

Doll Tale 4: In every shade

Doll Tale 3: Leaving is living, Matilda

Doll Tale 2: Mireille’s ways

Doll Tale 1: The painter and his muse

Doll tales

Ju-Long’s anger and Eu-Meh’s disarray

Ming-Hoa’s oration

The passage

Kayla’s loneliness

Naques’ tears

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