Beaten, abused in many a name

Always it is you who takes the blame

Looking down on you they invoke your shame

Woman, nothing for you will be the same

Brazilian girl in Favelas you dwell

Of many a seed I see you swell

Good thinkers of you do not think so well

Question of morals, your body, you sell

Afghani aunt, hidden by thy hood

Frail, forgotten, so misunderstood

Trying to hide what a pious woman should

They say without it you would not be good

Pakistani cousin on death row

In this earth right now, here and below

For you no hope will ever chance to glow

They say that violence you were first to sow

Indian sister I cry, share your plight

Born, not much to your parents delight

A frail baby, hope glimmered, die you might

Save them dowry, days like an endless night

GAIA, ancient mother, hear our voice

We toil and care no time to rejoice

A millenary fate, no free thought, no choice

A state befitting a novel by Joyce

Pointing fingers, they provoke your shame

Attempting to make you take the blame

Enslaved, accused, yet keep alive your flame

Woman let nothing ever be the same


Link for mother (in arabic) and woman (in english)

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