They flaunted new bodies they’d seized

They flaunted new bodies they’d seized
25 December 2021
They took the rules as a set trend
they bent on knee in submission
They made of the quest a mission
each to each hero and new friend

Their souls to heavens would ascend
one by one their bodies released
as their breath in their chests decreased
Consciousness moved to other spheres
releasing behind all the fears
they flaunted new bodies they’d seized 

Reading of the poem:
ERA - Ameno (Official Music Video)
Written in the context of Ronovanwrites Decima challenge.
In a Decima, there are 10 lines of poetry that rhyme and there must be 8 syllables per line.
There is a Set Rhyming Pattern we must stick to: ABBAACCDDC or ABBA/ACCDDC.
For this prompt No 89, we must have “friend” in the A rhyme line

For more tips and other contributions please follow this link here  

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