Dances in blue

Dances in blue

26 January 2015



Sun gathers yellow

A basket of warm glory

That sits in ice blue

For a heart between two minds

Fire sets in icicles


Camel bone spread white

Flaunted an absence of hide

Tall semblance of life

A mind stripped of fleshy thoughts

Gathers blues of survival


A breeze scattered forth

Ashen remains in pale pot

From embers that died

Extinguishing the choices

Heart a chamber painted grey


Earthen clay surrounds

A whistling flow of rank air

That reached out to lungs

A well of secret whispers

Threw hope’s rope up the ladder


Pink row after row

Cobbled stones were never match

To bricks interlocked

Minds that locked in communion

Bore of smooth no resemblance


The creek stretched in sight

A mirror of prancing blue

With castles above

Sands in time cast long shadows

Of memories of tall tales


Dark and light played on

Alternating slight figures

Like flickering flames

A thought persistent shimmered

Azure flows washed me anew


Blue water falling

On my head in the shower

Like droplets of ink

The skies write in hearts that sink

Stories of lifeboats that dance


IMG_5756 IMG_5772 IMG_5778




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