Whispered end

Whispered end
2 March 2021
Hills turn blue
vapour condenses
On white glass
my eye signs off a contract
with the moonlit shades
the sights of morrows
they swell slow
into mind
I reshape their existence
with might of the flow
point of the return
Saddened eye
whispered end
stammers which the mind portends
that the soul now mends

Reading of the poem: 
Messiah Project - My Usual Thought 

14 thoughts on “Whispered end

  1. Gosh, I feel SO RELIEVED, and I’m quite sure I will not be alone feeling so when acknowledging your new poem, so, you are ALIVE 🙂

    You disappeared from ALL the social media I’m aware of since December 1st without any pre notification (not nice if that was planned from you)

    Also, AFAIK not speed chess anymore too over FICS (?)

    I became so concerned that I even asked the London chess club where you won a tournament in March (see https://www.batterseachessclub.org.uk/the-winner-is-revealed-geetha-prodhom-tops-this-weeks-battersea-members-arena/ ) if they had news from you(!)

    You should have received one or two emails from them asking for news on my behalf 😉

    So, back from Covid-19 induced coma or back from an Ashram in India or what else ???

    Anyway, WELCOME BACK 🙂

    Take care!

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