10 February 2016

dilution kathrynwarmstrong wodpress com
Courtesy kathrynwarmsrong.wordpress.com


The words flow



Of honey

Cascading with power surge

Imbibing the soul


We live meek

Of the sunlit paths

We choose few

Darkness creed

Institutionalised pain

The way of the weak


The beehives

They contain our breath

Divine make

Stolen lives

They cloak their shadows in us

Our essence disrobed


dilution doublenothing
Courtesy doublenothing.com


Some soulless

Walk the Earth like grave

Bodies bent


Lives reverse of intended

Their hearts of the knave


We walk tall

While they cut our street

Winding steep

It hovers

On edges of cliffs we meet

Time immemorial


Shifting sands

Our daily schedule

They water

The marshes

That we may sink deep inside

Have but self to trade


No barter

Lives in this kingdom

The will done

The heart clean

I shelter more than I lean

My chest infinite


skins Hope Mastroianni fineartamerica com
Courtesy fineartamerica.com


The mother

She favours in me


Child of hope

Her scent ambrosia’s treasures

Moves me up the slope


I gathered

Remnants of the self

Within skies

Under rocks

They shimmered now realigned

From light and its kin


The soul whole

I sewed it my way



Humble scholar of her tongue

I learn from her sway


Reading of the poem: 

dilution geektyrant
Courtesy geektyrant.com

All the Things – Chrysta Bell & David Lynch

Ghost of love – David Lynch

I’m waiting here – David Lynch & Lykke Li


Angel Star – Chrysta Bell & David Lynch

44 thoughts on “Dilution

  1. As I was listening to your words reading the poem, I had these beautiful images of the curious life of bees within a dichotomy of archetypes – light/dark, solid/flow, moving/static.
    Then a yearning overwhelmed me and I wished that there would be something to dilute it, and make it easier to swallow..
    My grandpa raised bees, and I learned a lot from him while he took care of them, or harvested the honey.
    Sorry.. I just went on and on.
    Loved it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you; I love reading your comments. This poem was based on a dream and I was covered in bees and there was a lot of honey + a dragon and grey people. I was just sharing that I had the weirdest dreams ever 😀 and I have a thing with ravens and bees and milk and dragons and lions; a big mess in my head 🙂
      Must have been great to have such a grandpa. Bless your souls 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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