Peace profound

Peace profound

2 November 2014



Twilight in the heart

Throbbing with the will to change

Speaks of powers’ doom

Scissors cutting red ribbons

Pave mind’s way to the morrow


Darkness follows light

In eternal chase in flight

Of slave and master

The battlefield wells inside

Of hidden feelings to quell


Pitch black glorified

Inky remnant of a death

Of light lily white

Falls on the sunken garden

Drenching the souls in tremors


A crow’s pitch rings shrill

Hark the strength it now summons

On my window sill

The quiet lay down its cape

Blurring the lines my eyes shape


The sparrow flies low

When teardrops rain on the plane

Of my cheek cleansed white

As my mind lapses again

Breathing inwards peace profound

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