A night to devise a day to rise

23-24 August 2011

The moon softly sets

In blue slumber  subsides

While the sun rises

In wake of day all regrets

Will weigh you down like anklets

She wears her  bracelets

Into the day she glides

Toil surmises

Memories pearls lie in baskets

To string and lay in caskets

Sun high in the sky

Scorches the dying  brown grass

While ants move uphill

The leaves now motionless lie

Whispering each other’s sigh

She blackens her eye

With liner looking in  glass

At her face so still

A blackened eye does  not cry

But holds itself oh so high

Sun mellowed now frets

Descending ball down  it rides

Thousand demises

The stillness all earth blankets

Like a hundred dark carpets

She wipes the droplets

That to her skin sun  confides

And brow disguises

Cloak of night she now  revets

Painting lips red like garnets

Birds to safety fly

While ants crawl home  as they pass

With piping so shrill

We all in our own way  try

Reaching what fate would imply

She brushes her thigh

Against the dust that  would mass

On her window sill

Craning neck for night  to spy

Dusk and dawn into  hearts pry

The sun then plummets

In crimson feasts on all sides

On moon’s surprises

Come time of splendid  banquets

Feet move in frenzied ballets

Mingling with trinkets

The dark dress to her feet slides

As she arises

Thoughts revolve on  like planets

Around this night for  poets

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