20 December 2015

listening sadeewhip com


Blinked hard


The Momentum

It would take a lot of blinking to speak



Parched hoarse


Its caverns deep

The voice muffled by distance emerged slight



Pricked up


The heart flowed quick

Within the blink of an eye it emptied

listening yogalifesociety com

This poem follows the Tetractys form 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables

Imagine Dragons – Demons

6 thoughts on “Listening

    • Usually you would think of it easily as when the mouth has to change or when the sound emitted has to change (there are some exceptions where you can actually use the same word for different syllables depending on your accent or the form of the word – plural or singular – like memory, memories where memory can be 2 syllables or 3 while memories would tend to be 2 for most accents)
      Basically you can drum along the change in the sound so within will be 2 syllables with and in or wi and thin if you prefer. Break, linked, broad would all be one syllable. Understand would have to be 3 syllables.
      I hope this helps 🙂

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      • I thought as much, but this I think leads to bit of confusion to the reader or even the writer as well.
        Now, how do you think of the Etheree I have written two of them. 1 to 10 & 10 to 1 -‘Two Beloveds’ and another one ‘The Shinning Rock’ a reverse Etheree.10 to 1. I have counted them as the number of words as syllables. Is that OK.

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