Ce bleu qui m’imbibe vois-le trépassé

Ce bleu qui m’imbibe vois-le trépassé

11 janvier 2016

myway Kyle G Anderson pinterest com
Courtesy Kyle G Anderson on pinterest.com

La lune mon amie coule dans mes veines nues

Chemins de mon cœur dilatées artères

Saisir cette douleur fruit de mes lumières

Elans bleus de vie en plaines inconnues


Plaie fort réussie frappe en terre connue

De joie la valeur perdue en ces terres

Ourlet en malheur barrière délétère

Constance aguerrie ne fut point venue


Je conterais fleurette de temps érigés

Cœur vaillant en bribes par essais lassé

Tâte à l’aveuglette les prés fustigés


Invente-moi des scribes recensant passé

J’exhalerais muette les maux rédigés

Ce bleu qui m’imbibe vois-le trépassé


enlace m2woman co nz stargirlweb_Glenn-Marshall1

Gif image courtesy George Redhawk found on m2.woman.co.nz and based on image initially made by Glenn Marshall. George Redhawk is a legally blind (practically cannot see anything) artist who creates dynamic movement in artworks of other artists in order to be able to see and enjoy them. The result is a stunning new artwork that is visually compelling.


Reading of my poetry 

Trial to put the poetry in song version with an invented tune on the spur of the moment. I hope you don’t mind the recording quality as it is spontaneous acapella singing using only my phone memo recording device  

O gente de minha Terra – Mariza

15 thoughts on “Ce bleu qui m’imbibe vois-le trépassé

  1. Oh my.. this was like having Brownies with chocolate chunks and chocolate frosting – the triple beautiful effect. A lovely creation in all its three forms. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Dajena. Perhaps an overdose of chocolate then, lol
      I actually hesitated to post the musical version because I have quite a cold and had barely the breath to sing it but then I thought what the heck, let’s just post it. There is a saying in French “Le ridicule ne tue pas” meaning being ridiculous does not kill you and I live by that rule 😀


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