I fight to keep and nurture a better me

21 August 2010  

I resolve everyday to fight

To be, remain, full of light 

Darkness to darkness 

Just increases duress  

But from darkness light

Makes the world bright 

So I fight temptation

No hate, no alienation 

Love for every nation 

No violence instigation 

Just truth to remind 

To provoke every mind 

If Justice is Blind

We’ll guide from behind 

Just wishes for change 

If laws, unjust, derange 

My plane and others 

Should I lose feathers 

A vow I’d like universal

Action without rehearsal  

A path behind the Mahatma

Renewal of his Satyagraha 

Be remain a better person 

Sing, love the world in unison


It is not always easy but it is the only path worth walking
And I walk, I walk, although I sometimes stumble balking
When my eggs, mine, their yoke they take, fingers raking
Insides, scorched walls of my chest of love in the making



I listen endlessly lest I forget
That this mine tragedy would let
Love be blinded by hate and regret
I await God’s justice, I shall not fret


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