Synchronicities unfold

Synchronicities unfold

22 October 2015

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I held you dancing

Powerful and elated

Coursing within flows


Body ecstasy

Finding your inner being

Your statement grew bold


Behold that beside

As spirit breathed into me

Ripe with twin futures


chains shift is


I saw you mourning

Tired and wizened old man

Sinking in river


memory fanpop com


My heart lurched in vain

You were here but you were there

Music my discourse


In scattered surges

Synchronicities unfold

Rear integration


Questions are answered

Before mind has reached in quest

Into depths of Love


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14 thoughts on “Synchronicities unfold

    • Thank you so much FT for your kind words. Thanks also for stopping by as it allowed me to discover not only your beautiful writings but also two new forms of poetry that I think will be tempting for me to experiment with 🙂

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      • You are welcome, Geetha…I cannot wait to spend more quality time reading and viewing your work. Your blog looks amazing. i am happy you have discovered my blog and look forward to reading your newly discovered forms 🙂

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        • Your blog looks amazing too. I just had to sleep because I was supposed to get up early again but there is so much to read on your blog and everywhere else that I must say time is becoming really scarce these days. I hope you will like my creative output on the forms you have introduced to me. I never knew about Sijo and Landay before looking up your blog 🙂

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          • Thank you and I hear you about sleep as I should be asleep right now :)…I’ve posted about a third of the pieces I have written these past few months and I am still writing more. Sijo and Landay are new forms for me, too, and I am researching others. I am excited to read your work.:)

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            • Thank you FT. Am just reading the fascinating link about Landay and rediscovering the plight of Afghan women as well as the intricate weavings of Landay. I had actually done some research on women’s oppression in Afghanistan and merely referred to it in my poem Woman but the horrors mentioned of what they live on a daily basis that is underlying in the work she has done, the whole social Framework exposed is so apalling that I realise I had merely scratched the surface. Good night then and sweet dreams FT with many thanks for allowing to uncover new horizons 🙂

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              • You are welcome…the link opened my eyes to the struggle of women in that region and i agree, it is appalling…good night and sweet dreams, Geetha….glad I could open doors…talk again soon 🙂

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    • I just followed one of your links and decided to post the Haiku I just created after posting it as a comment on the lady’s website. Quite a fun experience despite my more sombre mood these days

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      • I look forward to reading it. I just came out of a deeply sombre writing mood and have dozens of sad poems I have yet to post. Lately I have been in a great place .I look forward to reading your haiku 🙂

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        • I sometimes also don’t publish my poems right away or don’t even write them during the sombre mood and may publish them during a totally different mood which can be quite confusing to those who read my blog and know me personally. I guess that some personal experiences are better delivered twice removed. Of late, however, situations have developed more clearly where I am able to write in this twice removed way thanks to a certain amount of foresight 🙂

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          • ah, I feel the same way -I don’t want to confuse people by posting sad pieces when I am in a happy mood as it may thrown them off. I firmly believe we should write how we feel and not worry about how others take it because writing should be for ourselves first 🙂

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