11 May 2015


Birds call out your names

Shrill and piping psalmodies

A love’s litany

My heart beats your thoughts

Endless remembrance of pulse


Earth out of axis

Flung helpless out of balance

Craves your healing touch

Soul in unison cries out

For the waves of your embrace


White lambs flock silent

Into darkness of gulley

A shrine’s offering

I walk, my own sacrifice

Into churning dark tempests


The peacock cries loud

Shredded tail plucked one by one

Past token of love

I search for your lost totems

Within every lost Feather


Lands scorched by heat waves

Search for streams to quench their thirst

Though water falters

Chilled by your hesitation

Mind heeds not scorching embers


Seedlings struggle out

The cracks they can escape through

Mutating matter

All within transforms tireless

Inside out and dark to light


The open skies cry

For your long sullen absence

While you watch unmoved

In agony I writhe on

Take me back home for I die


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