My story my guild weaving stars in mane

My story my guild weaving stars in mane

8 January 2016

guild ebay fr


The memories askew the light at the end

The Lilies stood tall roots six feet under

The fall I recall lightning and thunder

The breath mill that slew I begged to pretend


Alas now I knew these ways would contend

My Heart stood at wall the feet mere blunder

The mind before fall amnesia’s plunder

The moments so few where the will would bend


I would then rebuild from thread of Heart wane

A distant glue spilled upon clumsy hands

A heart’s hoofbeats chilled upon frozen lands


My story my guild weaving stars in mane

The fool now so thrilled would make more demands

Cross me for oats milled sparse watery plain


guild genius com


Everybody’s gotta learn sometime – Beck

Windmills of your Mind – Sharleen Spiteri

26 thoughts on “My story my guild weaving stars in mane

  1. These are beautiful but I have come to expect no less from your pen…you really are a master of poetic forms and use them so very well in your poetry.

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    • I just found your comment now through the dashboard. Thanks a lot Dajena, I really appreciate your kind words. I am a sucker for sonnets too but as I like writing only when there is a flow I have not written many of those as they don’t come so often. Sometimes I am in full-blown sonnet mode though and recently there was a bit of that 😀

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    • Thank you Marissa 🙂 . This is one version of the Italian Sonnet abba abba cdd cdc. For more information on the sonnet you can visit the page I dedicated to it which regroups all the sonnets I wrote in different types as well as gives at the end some information on the sonnet and a link to read more about it.

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      • Oh yes, I wrote a sonnet once but I don’t think this form. It was 10 lines total. Because I write humor it’s difficult to put the words in such rigid guidelines although I should probably try, to challenge myself.

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        • I think it is always good to challenge oneself. Sonnets are usually 14 lines in total with the sestet at the end usually introducing a different subject or twist on the same subject. I wrote something between sarcasm and humour just before this sonnet and called it “Your spittle me spare your mind I find poor ” written in Shakesperean sonnet form abab cdcd efef gg


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