Me in you and you t(h)ree in me

Me in you and you t(h)ree in me

14 August 2010


I see you in the  universe

Through this present tense, dark and terse

I split and wander everywhere

To reach you, hug you, pat your hair


I hear and see you from within

My blood in you will never thin

I see you playing in your room

Despite the dark and present doom


I see your joys again shine, flout

Shadows that you will come, throw out

This artery you’ll come unclog

We’ll take time to play with the dog


We’ll hum; we’ll sniff the jasmine tree

I’ll pick up some for you and me

Together we’ll make a garland

Huddled ball, in our own island


Your laughter rings within these walls

You hear my heart, I hear your calls

Again dolls, trucks, mad games we’ll play

You’ll come again, you’ll come to stay


We will roll in sweet summer’s grass

This sadness washed by you will pass

Like castles built by you and me

Washed away by the tireless sea

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