It will rain

It will rain

12 December 2015


baby deviantart com sleeping_boy_with_teddy_bear_by_misscrazyatic-d5l0scl



She looked at his face, a picture of an angel. His hands against the teddy bear she had put next to him. It always made her catch her breath when she saw him so serene and peaceful in his sleep.

He was almost always such a naughty boy when he was awake and she had to scold him often, too often perhaps.

She kneeled down and grazed his cheek with her lips. It did not feel quite right. She stared at him. Something welled inside her as her friends propped her up.

She looked down at him, the teddy bear almost his size squeezed into the carving out of the pine tree she had chosen. She thought it should have been her, more white hairs on her head and many more wrinkles to her face lying in a larger sized coffin with him a young man looking down at her, happy she had lived such a full life though sad to let her go.

It was not meant to be this way. Her throat was still parched, all throughout her an aching fire moved but the tears would not come, not yet.

Tomorrow or someday, sometime it will rain but today there was only the fire and the desolation



It will rain – Bruno Mars



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17 thoughts on “It will rain

  1. So very sad…you capture this quite well in this short piece, Geetha…the image of waiting for rain, those tears to flood, is heart-wrenching…

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    • Thank you sweet Annie. I am glad this moved you to the point of capturing your heart as I am trying to master flash fiction. I guess there is also something about loss that moves us more easily than with anything else.

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