In the wake of Peace

In the wake of Peace

25 June 2017

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Moonlight crept

On years’ integral

I plotted

Unknown math

The resolution reverse

Falling of a hat



Lightbeams surround frame

In dungeons


The location mystery

Lodged in sunken Time


Dragons flare

From the heaving chest

Orange zest

A glow fit

To fight in battle no wit

In the wake of Peace


Reading of the poem: 

Purity phuntube com

Sojourn (eight string religion) – David Darling

Slow Dawn – David Darling

Prayer and Word – David Darling

Within and without

Within and without

5 May 2017

Withinandwithout almrsal com Atlantis-Ancient-Greek-Ἀτλαντὶς-νῆσος-island-of-Atlas


The dark shout

From wells of the doubt

End to flout

Thrash about

In beginnings star-fed stout

Within and without


Reading of the poem: 

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End of my Journey

End of my Journey

5 May 2017

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Once raised to do good

Cloaked in hood

Wed the wood

Branded fellows cattle food

Goal misunderstood


The resolve

Of star bred absolve

Problems solve

Winds revolve

Magnitudes where they devolve

Humans to evolve



Oracles that see


Law of Three

Wade in waters to the knee

End of my Journey


Reading of the poem: 

Journey wikia

Brotherhood – John Dreamer

Becoming a Legend – John Dreamer

True Strength – John Dreamer

Rise Extended – John Dreamer

It’s Time – John Dreamer

End of my Journey – John Dreamer


Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake

1 January 2017

Earthendoors the_black_lake_by_carlos_quevedo-d6jgopr


The fool yawns

Brethren’s darkened spawns


In making

From the skull and bones aching

The truth often dawns


In Legends

Beginning upends

Within dreams

Muffled screams

Of the red roses stutters

Restless mind mutters


Burnt on stake

Lady of the Lake

Red in blue

Infused hue

Holy blood the long-lost clue

In Time will renew


Reading of the poem: 

angelburns carlos quevedo deviantart com

Lady of the Lake – Audiomachine

Legacy – Audiomachine

The Legend begins – Audiomachine

J’ai mémoire d’une chanson fredonnée en histoire / I remember a song hummed low in history

J’ai mémoire d’une chanson fredonnée en histoire

(poème écrit sous forme de sonnet Shakespearien en vers Alexandrin, traduit en anglais ci-dessous ou ici)

10 décembre 2016



Au-delà de ces mots résonne pâle l’intention

De mesure démesure en vase clos d’atrophie

Taille à vif dans ces maux de douleur l’attention

En deçà de l’usure veine assure embolie


Reste-t-il dans ces prés des chevaux à nourrir ?

Les barrières ruminant tas de foin à cracher

Vouent au ciel les cyprès pris au fait à pourrir

Vois ces arbres nonchalants de hauteur s’arracher


Abrités dans sapin oiseaux tardent à mourir

Justes cieux balayant horizons intrépides

Senteurs froides d’un matin lèvres gercées s’ouvrir

Un chemin déblayant des non-dits insipides


J’ai mémoire d’une chanson fredonnée en histoire

D’émérite de pardon filant droit en déboire


Lecture du poème: 



I remember a song hummed low in history

(Poem originally written in Shakespearian sonnet in Alexandrin, translated into English. See original above or here)

10 December 2016



Way beyond these words pale intention resonates

Out of measure in a closed cup of atrophy

Cutting sharp in these woes attention to the pain

Well below the wearing vein ensures embolism


Are there in these meadows any horses to feed?

Barriers ruminate a stack of hay to spit

Vow to skies cypresses found guilty of rotting

See these nonchalant trees from the heights tear away


Sheltered in the fir tree birds keep delaying Death

Righteous skies sweeping intrepid horizons

Cold scents of a morning the chapped lips opening

For clearing a pathway of the tasteless unsaid


I remember a song hummed low in history

Emeritus pardon spinning straight in trouble


Reading of the poem: 


Ostanus – 312


Frozen chants curdling

Frozen chants curdling

24 July 2016

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Sinking ships

Into oblivion

They seep slow

Like white ink

Inverted Chinese painting

Drawing my heart’s lines


The winter

Crawled up in my spring

In Ending


Unreachable changeling

Historical rhymes


Church bell chimes

My viscosity

Seeping through

Praying knees

The hands sunken thunderbolts

In altars’ steep wells



My proud branches fells

I am tree

High in skies

The clouds whisper to me sighs

Of forgotten times


Withered leaves

Count pages’ rustle

As the ground

Gathers bunch

Avid jaws of Time now crunch

Remnants of my bark


They will me

Frozen chants curdling

Upon lips

Lost in pleas

The chest heaving with the wheeze

Renewed consumption


Reading of the poem: 

chantscurdling on yatabaza com redhawk8.gif

You are my Winter – Dillon

The Unknown – Dillon

Texture of my Blood – Dillon

Ecstatic togetherness

Ecstatic togetherness

25 September 2015

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I woke up from dreams

Found your arm around my frame

In peaceful slumber


Throbbing at your neck

Nestled in nook of shoulder

Your face glowed in dark


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Disengaging me

I turned for another dream

History to make


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Your hand on my waist

Tightening and drawing me

Closer shapes to you


Gone with the dream state

Only you and I enthralled

Ecstatic togetherness


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The bread of Mercy

The bread of Mercy

11 September 2015

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When you had grown old

Tired and worn out by life

Kissed dreamtime over


I watched over you

As you swam in oblivion

With memories wept

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I handed you sight

That damned me to see untold

For clocks would not wind


You sank with the weight

Of history unfolded

To death of morrows


I cried for lost nights

For this place was a shelter

To our broken dreams

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With last strength of age

You reached out to a light stream

Woven across Time


Thumbelina spread

Across infinity’s maze

The bread of Mercy

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