The heirloom

The heirloom

21 June 2018

Heirloom 1 By-Your-Side-by-Christian-Schloe
Courtesy Christian Schloe


She gazed at the intricate details of the carvings on it. She wondered how anyone could carve such ornate figures at such a miniature level. She also wondered what they had thought about when carving the details. Did they think at all while performing such a delicate task ? Surely one had to be fully focused on the actual task at hand and could not let one’s mind wander off into other areas of interest.

She turned it over and caressed the small carvings of names (or of initials depending upon how long the name was) that attested whom it had belonged to. At the bottom she could read and feel the carving of a R and a B. Soon she would add her initials to those names. Whenever she caressed the initials she felt as if she were in touch again with her dead grandmother and beyond her with all her female ancestry. There were so many more beautiful things that she could have taken from her mother’s treasured collection but for some reason this had been the only thing with which she had felt a connection.

She remembered how her grandmother would dote over it and spell out to her the names for which only the initials had been carved on it. She delicately opened the pin making sure she did not prick herself on the edge of it and fastened it to her shirt. It was supposed to act as a lucky talisman. She was going for an interview and needed all the luck she could get she thought. She looked at herself in the mirror and the beautiful carved brooch caught her eye. Lucky talisman or not, she felt this alone would make her stand out in the crowd of candidates.

She smoothed the areas of the shirt around the brooch, combed her hair with her fingers, took her bag and walked out of the door her head full of hopes and the brooch sitting squarely upon her chest. When she slid into the back seat of the cab, the driver’s attention to her brooch put a smile to her lips. If a man so blasé as cab drivers were could be interested in the brooch, so would be her interviewers or at least the female ones.

She touched the brooch softly caressing its intricate details. She was carrying with her the whole female tribe she belonged to. They would not let her down. This was not just any heirloom she thought, this was the combined strength of a lineage of unusually strong women. She smiled again to herself. All would be well soon.

Ya Sahra – Light in Babylon


Crimson Fields

Crimson Fields

30 July 2016

Crimsonfields deviantart com medusea_by_alcove-d778j2l
Courtesy alcove on


Haughty manes

Shake with the terror

Of ending

Dark clinging

To the remnants of the might

Keeping up the fight


Face the Fate

It is above Time

Ease the grip

Lest we slip

Into brink of nothingness

Scurrying the mice


They bathe us

In desperation

Crimson Fields

Power wields

Strength of receding darkness

Blast preceding ice


Reading of the poem: 

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People – Kat Frankie

My spirit dances

My spirit dances

22 September 2015

lovers traveltruthsblog wordpress com



You and I now know

The strength of this connection

Kinship of spirits


Days wasted doubting

The essence of this frenzy

That sieged both our Hearts


The tremors that shook

Within ethereal life’s frames

Unwinding desires


Our minds we read loud

Like deafening thunder’s voice

The tug of those calls!

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Complex yet simple

The weave between the two souls

That stubborn sole stood

lovers fineartamerica com dancing-lovers-stefan-kuhn
Courtesy Stefan Kuhn on


Now adornments gone

We stand facing us naked

Devoid of all frills


Shaking and fearful

Though strength comes on word by word

Your spirit chants low


Allured and enticed

To vibrations of your Love

My spirit dances


In dance of lovers

Only morrow is union

Of the naked flesh

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The bread of Mercy

The bread of Mercy

11 September 2015

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When you had grown old

Tired and worn out by life

Kissed dreamtime over


I watched over you

As you swam in oblivion

With memories wept

breaking waves deviantart the_lightning_witch_by_lowlivier-d5l29tl (2)
Courtesy lowlivier on


I handed you sight

That damned me to see untold

For clocks would not wind


You sank with the weight

Of history unfolded

To death of morrows


I cried for lost nights

For this place was a shelter

To our broken dreams

bread visualnews com 1-The-sleep-of-the-beloved-by-Paul-Schneggenburger
Courtesy Paul-Schneggenburger on


With last strength of age

You reached out to a light stream

Woven across Time


Thumbelina spread

Across infinity’s maze

The bread of Mercy

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This spirit in me

This spirit in me

9 September 2015

spirit imgarcade com


Looking back at me

I was once forever two

Hope and grief combined


Today when I look

The grief so slight may resist

But Hope surges so


First flickering frail

Then kneaded in strength of stones

Wills all woes dissolve


Moon restores in me

Blackened stories of the day

That the dark raises


Sun simmered in me

Completing work of the night

Built in me cradles


spirit fineartamerica com


Waves resurge in me

The wondrous light of that Love

Spirit elevates


Photons shoot in me

Throbbing electricity

Lighting me fires


I swim to your shores

In purity preservation

Of a beating Heart


My figure grown Light

Transfigured by your loving

I will show your glows


True nature of me

Will shine through external mask

As Truth dissolves lies


Courtesy Rassouli


Look only within

I will take you to the Source

Of all Abundance


Now follow the signs

The way lies hidden in you

Within worlds you know


I will await it

The rise of your lost knowledge

As it softly grows


The path that calls me

Leads into my other worlds

That gyrate within


This spirit in me

Brings pulsating to my hands

Surging energy


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Back into Jerusalem

Back into Jerusalem

31 August 2015



Criss-cross of chances

Black hole meets mass of matter

The less is the most


Interwoven signs

I, Minerva of the past

Forgot my own tasks


Jolted now awake

My saddle I will set right

As horses whinny


Riding into dusk

To the outlines of mountains

As the sun sets low


I drink your water

Essence of your earthly life

From new wells you birthed


jerusalem 1stname com


The stars will combine

Shimmering mass of light rays

That from you wrought strength


Roots spread between us

Gathering the momentum

That in the heart pulls


Glory of simple

Walking upon the waters

Which in the soul flow


Ebb and flow of waves

Back into Jerusalem

I will walk head high


Twenty three paces

More than mythical nine yards

Upheaval measure


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