Children of the Suns

Children of the Suns

9 May 2016

swallow in the sun4


You twist turn

Your body’s language

Suppressed fire

The desire

To outrun fate’s marks dire

Palms’ consequences



Outcome of the Heart


Out of Blue

A pathway to elation

Stemming from the soul


You are mine

She claims her deathright

Hooded frames

Playing games

Between sparks of life and death

Unmuted the breath


Rasping voice

In countdown begins

The numbers

Coded thoughts

Series of forget me nots

Strewn through faded shapes



Of coloured landscapes

The visions


Heightened hues that the brush scrapes

From our life’s palettes



Within play of mind

The grey hounds

They wait dull

Minds where creation abounds

Canvas for their show


Time has come

Thinkers will create

Fearless roads

Carved in hills

Where the soul soars limitless

Before we need gills


We will swim

In deepest oceans

Blue memories


Every second of racing

Towards sunny skies


We shall fly

Birds of paradise

Hearts flowing

With the warmth

Of bright air infused in us

Children of the Suns


Reading of the poem: 

5Dsunset-JeanLuc (2)
Courtesy Jean-Luc on

Always Mine – Thomas Bergersen

The Dance of Colours /Fearless – Thomas Bergersen

Children of the Sun – Thomas Bergersen

Ecstatic togetherness

Ecstatic togetherness

25 September 2015

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I woke up from dreams

Found your arm around my frame

In peaceful slumber


Throbbing at your neck

Nestled in nook of shoulder

Your face glowed in dark


ecstatic couples-in-bed tumblr com


Disengaging me

I turned for another dream

History to make


ecstatic civicegypt com


Your hand on my waist

Tightening and drawing me

Closer shapes to you


Gone with the dream state

Only you and I enthralled

Ecstatic togetherness


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