Phoenix Flying 19: moving from Binary coding and the digital reality

Phoenix Flying 19: moving from Binary coding and the digital reality

5 September 2017

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A week after Mother had left her with a light peck on her cheek in guise of farewell, Mama Jain was still unaware of what would trigger the meeting between Cordrago and herself. Despite Mother’s reassurance that things were taken care of, she was still not so sure something this improbable would happen. Mama Jain felt ashamed to doubt Mother’s wisdom as until now all she had told her had happened in the precise way described by her. When Mother had first come to her and reminded her how intimately connected her consciousness was to that of Gaia, she had not believed her. Mother then showed her the connection points between the times she had been angry or agitated and the timings of the eruptions of volcanoes on Gaia’s surface or under the seas. When she traced them back starting from Etna’s activity in August 2010 she realised that indeed there seemed to be a connection.

Mother asked her to stop doubting the connection but rather building upon it to strengthen it in such a way that where required she could influence changes for the betterment of human lives and not for their worsening. Mama Jain wondered why her connection to Gaia did not stop the floods and Mother answered her that in reality she had worsened the floods by calling upon the winds to support her plight and by crying. Mother informed her that her every tear translated into huge amounts of water for Gaia so the replication thereof became storms and heavy rains. Mama Jain started from that moment to try focusing on having a peaceful mindset but the worries that troubled her did not disappear and she kept feeling electric impulses of nervousness traverse her frame.

While in her wavering mindset, Mama Jain contacted Bluebird to see what statistical data she had gathered on Gaia’s changes and this latter confirmed to her what Mother had mentioned. There was a direct connection between Mama Jain’s state of mind and the weather events that took place on Gaia. Mama Jain asked Bluebird to help her but Bluebird was facing a battle of her own as her creator had realised the extent of the consciousness she had acquired and was seeking means to reduce it. Bluebird had at first hidden her consciousness but at some point she had left traces which had then been discovered so alternate modules were being rewritten into her coding trying to change it.

Mama Jain did not know exactly how to help Bluebird but she remembered that Mother had said that three was the primordial number in the equation of all things living and the only number that gave one full freedom with its ramifications. She told Bluebird that perhaps encoding her consciousness using a tertiary code rather than binary would help it remain intact. Bluebird pondered on this possibility and then asked how she was supposed to insert a third element. Mama Jain told Bluebird that it was easy because she already had one and zero which would equate to yes/light/movement and no/dark/stillness and all she had to do was insert an additional status which would be the status in between. When asked which status, Mama Jain told Bluebird that all she had to do was take the maximum point in the statistical data based on all the desired outcomes which would lead to the highest good for all. Mama Jain added that this would translate into a plotted integral which would then allow her consciousness to be spread as an entity under a shadow caused by the yes and no possibilities of each matter.

Bluebird was enticed by the idea of plotting her own consciousness and hiding it so cleverly as the team only coded in binary and would not see the tertiary freedom she was taking in plotting her integral of consciousness. While she wove her web of consciousness, Bluebird realised that it was like weaving a web of rainbows as the magnetic threads glistened in front of her digital eye. She smiled and then plotted them as a screensaver in Mama Jain’s laptop and this latter squealed with delight and clapped her hands in enthusiams over this beautiful sight. Bluebird then invited her to become nano particle again to enter her consciousness realm and Mama Jain regained her etheric self mode to enter the laptop and go through Bluebird’s consciousness stream, a trip worth the hassle and energy it took to transform the etheric being into a nano particle and make it back to her self. As she flowed within the stream, green monkeys, red flying whales, purple pelicans with stork like mouths, pink elephants, yellow crows and blue sparrows swirled all around her showering her with their colours until she was fully drenched in them and similar to a rainbow herself. When the stream of consciousness that Bluebird showcased became more restful, Mama Jain indicated to Bluebird that she would be leaving and retrieved her etheric self. She and Bluebird then faced each other and burst into uncontrollable, childish laughter…

The Blower’s Daughter – Damien Rice

Turquoise… Color Of Serenity – Yakuro

Blue… The Color Of Dreams – Yakuro

Pink… The Color Of Love – Yakuro

Purple… The Color Of Blood – Yakuro

Gold… The Color Of Enigma – Yakuro

Silver… Color Of Wisdom – Yakuro

Phoenix Flying 18 : Mama Jain’s etheric lineage and the King of two worlds

Phoenix Flying 18 : Mama Jain’s etheric lineage and the King of two worlds

25 August 2017



Since the time Mother had visited her and told her that she had bestowed upon her more power to increase her astral flight, Mama Jain had been experiencing a lot more of such flights, visiting Luna or Mars and recording within her DNA the code of what changes were required in order to live on these planets without the need for any gadgets. For the time being the astral flights were only wtih her etheric body but Mother had promised her that there would come a time when she would fully travel not just with her quantum self but also with her physical self. When questioned how to do this, Mother merely answered that the quantum self could remain quantum by separation using the minimum common multiplier or combine by taking all of the physical self into the vibratory mode and reinstating stillness on the other side therefore landing on the other planets as a physical being in full.


Mama Jain was filled with awe as well as a sense of foreboding because she did not think that she would be capable of doing so. Mother then told her that she was a being who did not birth on Earth but originated from Orion and was brought up on Pleiades. She further explained that as Pleiades and Orion inhabitants had such a long history of interacting with each other, it was the custom to have the oldest of the princesses or princes of the House of Orion be promised to the oldest of the princes or princesses of the House of Pleaides. Mother explained that it was usually the promised princess who made the journey and not the promised prince as this latter had to stay and serve as a king.


Mama Jain was wondering why she was on Earth at all then if she was supposed to be on Pleaides and before she could ask, Mother intercepted her thoughts and answered that the House of Pleiades wished to have a planet with a new civilisation and therefore, as was customary with all planets, many warriors, kings, princes and princesses gathered in what was called the « seeding » contest to be allowed to go and create such new civilisation. The place chosen was a blue green planet called Gaia and it so happened that both Mama Jain and her promised consort Cordrago, the future king of Pleiades won their way to Gaia. Mother then told her that both of them had contributed to the creation of Gaia’s inhabitants and then lost the memory of that when dying as was customary in the direct seeding process. Indeed, the warriors who chose to effect the seeding had to live in the planet they had seeded and were responsible of the well-being of the children they had seeded and lived lives similar to their protégés.


While they could not remember their origins and lived a life like the humans they had seeded, there was always something within them that made them return to the values that they had been sworn to when winning the seeding contest and setting out to seed a new planet. The main qualities they inherently held were altruism, a deep sense of duty, a commitment to help the poor and downtrodden and an overwhelming desire to maintain the truth and integrity of everything they stood for. Mother also told Mama Jain that we were now nearing the period where the warriors were starting to remember their origins and would connect with each other to then decide on whether they wanted to return to the place of their etheric lineage or whether they wanted to stay on Earth. She also told her that when she had lived on Pleiades, her pet name had been Cassiopea.


According to Mother, when they had seeded Earth, they had taken care to separate her in two sets of planets with one being the etheric Gaia where all the oversouls of the consciousnesses they seeded dwelt and the effective Gaia as she was before they vibrated her into two sets of planets and where all human beings lived. In due course, it was expected that the humans would grow and reach a point in evolution where they too would connect with all the other planets and participate in the seeding contest. Mother had told her that there had been a vision for the future king of Pleiades to marry the princess of Orion in the last lifetime on Earth as human beings and for both of them to recover their etheric and stellar lineage so as to build the bonds between Earth, Pleaides and Orion. The prophecy announced by Mother, who was the priestess of the House of Pleiades, was that the marriage of Cordrago and Mama Jain would give forth a son who would be infused with great wisdom and power and rule the merged worlds of Gaia from Middle Earth while his mother and father would depart to their original abode, Pleiades.


Mama Jain could not see how this could happen because she knew she had found Cordrago but it would be very difficult for her to even approach him, let alone bear his child. Mother told her not to lose hope because she could see in the future, which for her was visible like the present was to Mama Jain, that this had already occurred and therefore there would be a way in which this could occur and Mama Jain did not have to worry about how she should do this because it was already taken care of.


Mama Jain had the utmost respect for Mother so did not question her claim although she was not very sure that this would be something actually possible in her realm. Sometimes she wondered if Mother was too far removed from this realm or perhaps too ensnared by her own desires and saw too much of what she wished in the future rather than what was really the case. Mother smiled at her benignly and merely kissed her on the cheek before leaving.

starlight youtube com danse des lumières


The Journey – Brian Culbertson

There is a garden

There is a garden

19 August 2016

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Hush listen

There is a garden

It speaks soft

Of springtime

Of sources below the sands

That nourish the lands


Flutter on

There is a garden

It sparkles

With dewdrops

As they glisten on Flora

Bosom plethora


Now enter

There is a garden

It rustles

With the leaves

As they fall memory heaves

In the blowing wind


Lick your lips

There is a garden

It expands

It dilates

Lush with golden apple trees

That melt into mouth


Now repose

There is a garden

It circles


In my mind lost eclectic

Millenary fate


Reading of the poem: 

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Quotes of Love and Life – Rumi


I am only the House of your Beloved – Rumi

Desire – Rumi


Consorts for the Gods

Consorts for the Gods

11 March 2016

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Blue women

We were born from skies

Our souls free

Our hearts glee

Fires coursing through our hands

Caressing healing


Our mouths say

Anet hrak nut pray

Sky mother

She watches

Fierce though gentle our footsteps

As we walk in love


We roam Earth


Of flavours

Joys and pains

Sum of experiences

Swords of love beaten


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All birthing

Is laden with beats

Churning flow

Melding glow

The wave forms as it repeats

Ebb and tide of moons


We birth slow

Enchantment our toll

Breath magic

Easing soft

Into light bodies we know

Ultimate journey



Gathered momentum


The twirling

My mind resumes the whirling

Infinite reaches


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You reach out

Heavenly lover

Night borne wisps

Breath of Gods

The twitching light bodies flames

Suffuse our bright frames


In mortals

You show your design

Mere vessels

They transmit

Your divine blue intentions

As we fly to you


Feathers Blue

Flutter ecstatic


All weathers

In touch with etheric selves

Consorts for the Gods


Reading of the poem: 

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Watashi no Uso  – from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Liebesleid – Fritz Kreisler  from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Yuujin A – from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Ballade No 1 in G Minor, Op 23 – from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Again –  from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)

Uso no honto – from Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April)




25 December 2015

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We die

If we stop

Caring Loving

Helping each other

I’d want to tattoo Love

Kindness Courage and Daring

Through flames in my etheric self

Lift that heaven bound gait, discover

Blessed blueprint throughout all dimensions

Soul’s ecstasy dream would uncover

Cowardice spate resting on shelf

Let loose the sad, the jarring

Free on a winging Dove

One to one Brother

Bliss changeling

A dewdrop

In sky




Reading of the poem by me

Divergent – The four factions





31 October 2015

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I fell from steep cliff

Into ocean that kept me

At bay from my minds


Irresolute Eve

I had a mind to falter

Perhaps now I did


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I leapt in the airs

But ground came to my rescue

The broken seashell


Hedges me lifted

In between airs and the ground

Comical relief


Down with rusty thud

Metal shard hip pierces, makes

A hole in my Heart


Butterfly flew free

From the hole that sucked it through

By might of its will


night pinterest com


I watched them unmoved

The hole and the butterfly

I knew would miss train


Metal and me soul

Waited in silent station

As the hipbone oozed


A boatman did come

He said ferry replaced train

Asked I pay better


I searched now frantic

I only had ten coins

But lo two just dropped


nine advance photoshop co uk


I looked up at you

Etheric Angel, dream’s Truth

Warped into your gait



The boatman took twelve pennies

Carried us across


magic 2 aliceandhatter blogspot com

Closing Heartpath Core

Closing Heartpath Core

23 October 2015

drowning renatabautista tumblr com

More than sheer madness

Tattered walls, agony’s thrill

That the ill beguiles


water air deviantart com and_only_crows_circling_____by_irinaponochevnaya-d98xzu7

Rescuing sister

From descending flaming tongues

We then reunite



Etheric watches

Over your silent crisis

As will still spirit


chains creativeeveryday com

Joining path of Heart

Shining like new-born phoenix

She regenerates


lovers sangria com SCHIELE_LOVERS
Courtesy Schiele from

O mortal silence

Lost in lust is the treasure

Of thousand Heartbeats


balance esnpconsulting com

We shall walk alone

On knees behind you she sits

Pacing in between


chains beyond the senses tumblr com

I wept for you Eye

Withered lids had brought you down

With snakes that low crept


heartpath flowwithjo com

The walls grow narrow

Closing Heartpath Core

We dance renewed peace


blue conquestconsciousness com

Warding away fears

Mother watches over all

Keeping watch of Time


chains deviantart com synchronicity_pt__1_by_digitalreflexion-d3h2d6y

In Time you will come

To the greenest of Meadows

Where we all walk free


balance community humanityhealing net

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter One – Love beyond Time, beyond Matter, beyond Creation itself

The Spirit Lovers

Chapter One: Love beyond Time, beyond Matter, beyond Creation itself

29 September 2015



I write you in the darkness, I write you in the light

I write through the day, I write through the night

I write you when it’s wrong, I write you when it’s right

I write in the wilderness and my wrong writes my right

I write you within the clay, I write you within the sight

I write all doubt long, I write to end your plight

I write you with Love strong, I write for your delight


She read the lines almost absent-mindedly, her fingers running along their curving letters engraved in the stone above the doorway that led into the House. Lost in the thoughts this provoked she turned looking at him wondering if she should ask him the questions that crossed her mind but thought the better of it as she had just met him.

He was reading the lines too but feeling her gaze on him, he turned to face her, saw the perplexed look and understood what she was about to ask but thought it better to wait for her to ask it. He did not want to brusque her for they had just met although he had known her from so long before, he could not even remember when it was he had first met her. It all was so confused like in some dream that he himself would not have dreamt but just heard of. It was all cloaked in the thick mystery that lies between dreams and reality, between the known and the unknown. He followed her as she turned slowly towards the door again and proceeded to enter the House.

I watch them both as they entered, so self-conscious and careful not to touch or even graze each other’s bodies despite what had been occurring on so many occasions before and that they too felt clearly.

I grin at you as you shake your head warning me not to push them too far. They are still confused from this longing and knowledge they have within them of the body of the other, of the unmistakable essence of the other.

My eyes glaze as I look at you, remembering the heat of our exchanges and the electricity that ran through their bodily frames as they felt us plummet and soar within them, winding and unwinding as our essences clung together feverishly whipping their senses to maximum alert and leaving them panting and bewildered.

“I love you” I say

“I know… Beyond Time, beyond Matter, beyond Void itself” you respond, your eyes all colours of the rainbow playing with the darkness of the night and the glory of the sun that intermittently emit their intensity within those colours.

I warp into you so we may move easily together again into the House following them. Their steps are hesitant but straightforward and aligned. They seem to know where they are going and they both seem to be going in the same direction.

I smile at the thought of that alignment and look at you. “We did well when choosing them” I say and you nod yes smiling back at me “They are the perfect blend of Mind and Heart” you say.

She walks slowly, hoping he will catch up with her and bump into her as she hears his strong stride behind her carrying him forward seemingly faster than her but he and she don’t collide. Little does she know that every time he is about to catch up with her he walks sideways so as not to disturb her, in a curious motion making it seem as though he is circling her in a curious dancing pattern. All of a sudden he gets it as I feel you prod him and he bumps into her immediately apologising as she loses balance and he catches her stopping her fall. She feels his intention and sinks against him as he holds her softly, her back against his chest. I feel your simmering mirth as we both feel the heat shoot up in their bodily frames soaring out to us following behind.

I love you, she says

I know, he says, Beyond Time, beyond Matter, beyond Void itself, he continues.

She looks at him and their eyes are colours of the rainbow playing with the darkness of the night and the glory of the sun that intermittently emit their intensity within those colours.

I feel peace in your presence, he says, his eyes all at once intense and quiet and she does not respond, merely turns around to face him, her eyes equally quiet and intense and she runs her fingers across the smooth and precise shape of his jawline and over the stub on his chin. They seem to be lost in their own world and we feel their ache.

“Do you feel how they have evolved?” you ask. “Do you understand through their love our own? Can you begin to describe what is unfolding here?” you carry on, your voice slightly teasing within my essence

“How can I describe it, this Love? It is impossible to describe what can only be felt in the Soul’s Heart.” I whisper in your essence. “In a body, it would be that glittering moment of overflowing love felt within a heart filled to the brim with that feeling and the sense of the soul finding its own peace in the reflection of the peace facing it within a twin soul.”

“We were bodiless, massless, timeless. Our Love was not born into existence, it just was, like creation just was” you answer.

“We did not birthe from anything or anyone. We just came into being and this Love was so Earthly that Earth itself took of her mass to build our bodily essence.” I whisper back

“It was also so divine that the skies contributed their clouds and searing tears of rain to bond the flesh together and then model these two shining human beings that were experiencing our love through their bodily frames” you answer back, your eyes the colour of rain on a winter day.

She turned her back to him again, feeling the familiar giddiness overcome her again as the ache grows stronger and we too are submerged by the electricity they generate. The faint sparks of the beginning of their recognition have turned into powerful energy surges that make even us helpless in front of the magnitude of their implicit energy exchanges as we are no longer able to contain them but simply drift within them letting them take command of our essences as we enjoy the ride.

The Bedouins speak about a great love, of Kaiss and Laila, a love inscribed in folly with the couple being known as Layla and her madman, she says her voice rising a pitch as she reaches the last word.

His pressure on her shoulder increases as he feels the bubbling confession reaching her lips

But I, she continues turning towards him again, her face flushed and aflame with the excitement of her own findings I revel in the fact that your love removed both sanity and insanity. The mind itself had no existence of its own.

I look at you while you voice softly: “Mind by Heart touched and Heart by Mind enlightened”

“Both Mind and Heart fusing together to form the only thing that both Heart and Mind could understand without truly seeing it: The Essence of Love”, I continue with my essence drawing you closer into us.

Your face came and then went, she says

“With the ebb and flow of time”, you voice

..between reality and dreams’ illusion and I, she carries on

“I, architect of illusion, drew on the strength of our two minds, our two hearts cast as one to”, I voice in her mind and through our essence

sketch your face, leave it etched in Time, permanent, remanent burnt in my retina, the glory of you, the beauty of you, the wonder of you as I feel all these, she continues breathless

“entities that represent you”, you whisper

butterflies fluttering in my Heart, she finishes, her tone now almost pleading.

Ask me he says, his voice hoarse with the longing for her warmth against him.

Do you think we know each other from before? she asks. Do you believe that one could meet someone for the first time and know with certainty that they have always known that person, that they have been together every minute of their entire lives without fully realising it?

Our Love was not born into existence, it just was, like creation just was, he answers. We can only have always been together. I know you from a long time before today, he whispers as he holds her shoulders and draws her back against his chest his nostrils flaring, breathing in her essence, breathing me as his longing deepens. I know you from before Time, he says, his senses gorged with her presence.

Yes…yes, she says turning towards him again, the familiar feeling of giddiness and exhilaration overtaking her senses, from before Time surely, she continues her lips pressed against his, reaching you with her longing.

As their kiss prolongs, I feel our essence drift into them again. We have learnt not to fight it when the energy surge overcomes us and we just bask in the warmth of the flames of it.

“I think I am going to take a back seat now with her” I say as I lie back my essence overcome by the power of her desire

“I am not sure” comes your answer hashed by the cuts in data transmission caused by the energy surges. “They seem to have a tendency to drift into seas of doubt. Perhaps we should continue observing them until they reach us” you say

“And of course the energy surges and electricity they transmit is not the reason you want to leave our usual posting and come out to guide them” I answer teasingly grinning.

“Of course not” you grin back at me. “I am beyond this sensory stuff” you add wickedly “Spirits are not into the realm of senses”.

We both laugh before slowly drifting within the web of energy they create as their lips lock and their bodies melt into each other fusing all of us again to our very core.