Like a twin answering me

Like a twin answering me

28-29 March 2015



Birds flocked together

Wings outstretched soaring so high

Dark dots in blue skies

Cyan thoughts in indigo

Roared to the front of my mind


Its boughs vibrant red

The bougainvillea awoke

Flowers bursting through

As spring blossomed so did I

In rapture of oncoming


Eyelids closed looked through

The curtains of the unknown

To worlds beneath wraps

Hidden universes leapt

Into mind’s inner callings


Birds of paradise

Within struts of many choose

Calling to their mate

You hear my call and call back

Like a twin answering me


Questions, anger, pour

Like salt into bleeding wounds

Scorching births twin selves

Amidst flames of remembrance

Souls’ eyes meet unwavering


Sun soothing cast rays

Of mellow and healing warmth

Birds sang merrily

Time came for celebration

As dark and light united


Out living a lie

Out living a lie

24 March 2015



Green nails raked the ground

As the gardener combed on

The moss-ridden land

Covered in nebulous clouds

My mind sought to soar above


Stone split in splinters

As hammer drove on heavy

Heaving with the might

Chest weighed down by force of mind

Imploded into ashes


Woodpecker carved on

Its beak relentless into

Soft bark that bled red

Delicate core oozed crimson

While iron cage survived time


Dark whispered to light

As crying voices withered

Out living a lie

Stale truth in form broke feigned bond

As mind outlived memories

And the river flowed

And the river flowed

21 March 2015



Tree recovered leaves

Wringing hands it tossed them out

Of barren brown trunks

A sterile dull mind would cope

Changing not the weather’s course


Lily pierced the ground

Shy head crowned in white shimmered

Breathless she panted

Lungs fighting for air I sang

In unison with her plight


Bougainvillea stood

Wearing many a colour

On one single bough

Not one but walking many

A path hummed for me a path


Plumbago weightless

Whispered to rose that sighed low

Covered in purple

Crimson hues engulfed my frame

As rose touched my indigo


Earths banks sat weeping

While the mountains fed the source

And the river flowed

Thoughtless I followed the light

No shadow caressed my toes



The other side of me

The other side of me

15-18 March 2015

  sleeping beauty14

Wild birds called on shrill

Their voices seeking out sun

That shone stonily

Mind etched in marble silence

Hears not the call of the wild


The daffodils sang

To power of life that rang

Through their green slender bodies

Frame of green enveloped me

As life coursed through my blue veins


Between dark and light

I balanced every ion

The border stayed tight

Years as Pandora passed through

While I slept in oblivion


Half cast in moonlight

The other side of me woke

To a new dawn’s sun

New beginnings sparkled bright

With stars of recognition

sleeping beauty6


I see fire

I see fire

17-18 March 2015




Fire’s embers burnt

Strong and powerful forces

Primal signs of life

Throbbing mind set colours true

As all shades to red seemed wane


Hissing sound of spark

That once before fought so brave

Yet drowned in water

The tank brimmed with pictures there

Yesterday kept resurging


Ice cool breath faltered

In between mist and cold rain

As fire now blazed

Memories alit in flames

Found no respite in water



Icy fire raged

On the brink of tomorrow

As coal chips broke off

Mind to the heart is a trail

I see fire in its Wake


Earth in me

Earth in me

17 March 2015


The grasshopper sang

To the revival of Earth

Its voice clean and fresh

Fresh beginnings stirred in mind

As the path lay ahead raw


A snake crawled silent

Slithering frame shedding all

As it renewed skin

Skin deep regeneration

Would lull not wandering soul


The river flowed still

Glistening streaks of light gems

That shone unrivalled

No parallel for the sane

Earth’s core shone in pure white light


The wind danced in sails

That filled to the tune of woods

Like elves on a plain

Out in plain sight I bore mind

Which shook with tremor of now


Neutron bombarded

Clouds gave forth rain and tempest

Drenching parched dry soil

Relief overcame dry eye

As tears joined with raindrops


Shrubs grow sparkling green

Voiceless witnesses of Earth

They renew in me

A new dawn thus finds me now

Watching tide of change ebb flow


Springtime blooms steadfast

Carving red roses in rocks

As white lilies played

Teasing starry-eyed watchers

Strewed the sky with crimson signs


Beating lively drums

Set pace to throb of living

While waterfalls gushed

Stirring emotions rushed forth

As Earth in me clad green robes


A deathly pallor

A deathly pallor

12 March 2015



Night’s sky breathed aloud

Jasmine like a streak of light

Called to the wild side

An intake of wilderness

Throbbed in my mind’s eye again


The owl hooted once

Its cry silenced by the night

That prepared for doom

The knell rang on as I knelt

Neither submissive nor wild


The rose felt its thorns

Through darkness that hid its gait

In reminiscence

Pictures against my mindscape

Shuddered with stark remembrance


The lanterns hissed out

As storms danced into their lights

Darkness then prevailed

Cloak of night like a fog reigned

A while as I let it creep


The winds blew their hearts

In clouds that scattered silver

Like coins strewn in sky

Pennies would have outweighed thoughts

As they roamed without purpose


Remnants of us glowed

Ghostly ink against pink flesh

A deathly pallor

Gaunt cheek though pale stood firmly

Its twin it offered no more


I hear your call

I hear your call

9 March 2015



Slowly clouds gathered

White pieces of tenderness

A balm in the sky

Soft infinite the heart seeks

An extension of soul lace


The moon pale looked on

Its tidal yearnings in check

Mate to sleeping sun

It gazed on from its castle

A prison for the weak mind


Fragrance of light danced

Amidst myrrh and argan oil

That trees bled silent

In hushed awe I watched you bleed

And bathe the earth in incense


Wisps of night fell stark

As desert gloom covered all

Yet the grass grew thick

Thus in radiant defiance

Your luscious hair sprouted dark


Enthralled in white light

Wings weaving a starlit flight

A firefly pranced

Body dancing in bright tunes

You stood seven miles apart


Engulfed in darkness

Yet emerging to the light

Earth stood in two minds

Between two worlds eye to eye

Flickering recognition


The wind listened hard

Breathless anticipation

Shook its mighty frame

I hear your call as I wake

To your iridescent flames


The fire now raged

Crimson streaks across the sky

Made the embers bright

As souls’ fire spread on strong

Your voice lit the roaring flames




4 March 2015


Rythm flowed through veins red
That coursed with the beat of life
In throat that throbbed on

Pulse no longer wane
In drum’s anticipation
Danced high flying free

Thunder struck this ear
Pulsated in unison
With heart that unclenched

A temple in head
Vibrating with soul’s echoes
Set me on fire


Kitaro – Matsuri

Traces of you

Traces of you

1 March 2015


 The moon waxed in sight

Of sparkling lilies that shone

With eerie brightness

In glaring light of your thoughts

A haunting split in heart lurched


Stars high receded

Giving in to the dark night

That crawled over us

Like an octopus creeping

Lurked the traces of discord


Night’s black ink rejoiced

Taking over all terrains

That skies led astray

You wronged me in directions

That led to our every way


The sky vibrant cried

Its muffled voice in grey clouds

A requiem stark

In wailing of our heart’s death

I left no traces of you