The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

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I see fire

I see fire

17-18 March 2015




Fire’s embers burnt

Strong and powerful forces

Primal signs of life

Throbbing mind set colours true

As all shades to red seemed wane


Hissing sound of spark

That once before fought so brave

Yet drowned in water

The tank brimmed with pictures there

Yesterday kept resurging


Ice cool breath faltered

In between mist and cold rain

As fire now blazed

Memories alit in flames

Found no respite in water



Icy fire raged

On the brink of tomorrow

As coal chips broke off

Mind to the heart is a trail

I see fire in its Wake


Live in tomorrow today

Live in tomorrow today

24 February 2015


Fair use of Stephen Wilkes image
Fair use of Stephen Wilkes image


Moon high in sky shone

Semblance of a sun nearby

Where horizons touched

The sky limitless caressed

The greys where twilight spied dawn


Trees swayed in motion

Of dancing flames of thicket

Alit from own sparks

Thoughts alive with inner fire

Took elation to new heights


Cool dawn stood icy

Its gait taking in landscape

That suddenly quaked

A tremor passed through my mind

That to frozen stillness moved


Orange fruit shrivelled

Clung to stem that heaved with sighs

For loss of colour

Lips drained of pink happiness

Voiced inner concerns that raced


Dead daffodils shrank

From their own fleeting bodies

As their souls rose white

Will this red to white relay?

Asked a lost vein in my throat


Roses bloomed listless

Their inner softness alive

With oncoming death

I warned as reaper hissed on

Hark now soul think of today


The rooster crowed on

Lovers’ confusion had it

Waking night and day

As day awakes to the night

While sleep comes in waking day


Huon pines’ answers

Reverberated through time

In rings of thousands

Ten thousand years I had lived

In wait of source renewal


A breeze brought silence

In uproar of change to come

As day merged in night

Live in tomorrow today

In peace of would be morrows




In Time

In time

22-23 February 2015

 swirling brown waters


The river bank swelled

Charged with rushing brown waters

That had stirred Earth’s guts

An illogical stirring

In me reverberated


Deltas formed ashore

Triangles of water coursed

Through light seeping sand

Like ink etching through mind’s slate

A landscape of memories


Trees roots uncovered

Shook unwillingly off earth

That onward slid fast

Moving perspectives thus flow

Within a mind uprooted


The wind blew howling

Sand that pranced like dancing flames

With madman’s fervour

Elementary madness

Rushing through my frame reached heights


The sky glowed and snarled

Alternating light and dark

Different yet same

Change immemorial in me

Reflected alternate shades


The horizon lurked

A backdrop to whirling times

In nature’s power

With no reigns in mind I slept

Through wars that raged in no name


Leaves raced through dark skies

Tossing and turning in fright

Shivering green sparks

Ideas quivered in thoughts

As eyelids stayed firmly shut


In skies formed patterns

Mathematical whirling

Of earthly matters

My mind then awakening

In time echoed in spirals

swirling sand

Dans le doux silence de l’air / In the sweet silence of air


Dans le doux silence de l’air

17-18 février 2015


La nuit s’étendait

Manteau de pluie noire couvrant

Le voyageur las

L’esprit lacéré d’attente

Accumule noires stries sifflantes


Le rossignol chante

Sa chanson forte d’habitudes

Résonne comme un glas

Un cœur en hiver s’élance

Saupoudré de glace qui fond


Parfum de jasmin

Répandu en nuit l’embaume

De murmures secrets

Ce chuchotement insistant

Hante mes pensées de blancheur


L’œil miroite en ciel

Pâle semblant de lune nouvelle

Qui vaillante se dresse

Ainsi l’âme suit retraçant

La route des anges trépassés


Le coq chante déjà

Le réveil d’une race humaine

Sous vide suspendue

Dans le doux silence de l’air

Les rêves exhalent un soupir



In the sweet silence of air

17- 18 February 2015


The night stretching out

Black coat of rain covering

Weary traveller

Wait lacerated spirit

Gathers on whistling black streaks


The Nightingale sings

Its strong song of all habits

Sounds like a death knell

A heart in winter rises

Sprinkled with ice that’s melting


The scent of jasmine

Widespread in night embalms it

With secret murmurs

That insisting whispering

Haunts my thoughts with its whiteness


Eye shimmers in sky

Pale semblance of a new moon

That valiant stands

Thus soul follows retracing

The path of the dead angels


Cock already crows

Wakening of human race

Under vacuum held

In the sweet silence of air

Dreams are exhaling a sigh




Note: Ecrite d’abord comme une série de tankas en français (un essai puisque j’écris d’habitude les tankas en anglais), je l’ai ensuite traduite en une série de tankas en anglais. Written first in french as a series of tanka (a trial as I usually write tankas in English), I then translated it into English as a series of tanka as well



Tomorrow no more

Tomorrow no more

13 February 2015


 Silent voices called

The trees that relayed to leaves

Distant summer breeze

The sun shone on his dead skin

That sparkled in summer’s heat


A peacock spread out

Eyes alit with promises

Of awakenings

Tightly shut lids woke no more

To colours smeared across skies


The earth exhaled sighs

As waters bubbled in seas

That stretched vivid blue

Velvet languidly silent

Gushed forth with bubbles no more


Pale blue skies turned grey

Listless grass swayed to strong winds

Like wings of pixies

Fairy tales moaned of parting

As the mind like banshee wailed


Withered brown leaves writhed

Under winter’s sun that glared

Talked no more of warmth

Neither warmth nor melody

Reached the still mind in winter


Shadows changed their course

The river flowed now upstream

Undoing prayers

Spell-cast in its deep waters

That lovers took as refuge


Silver fish shimmered

Slithering among the blue

Tails blazing with light

Of mystic scales that split gills

Whispering waters spoke low


Earth cracked in blisters

For the pain of leaving you

As the birds too cried

I, chest heaving with goodbyes

Washed my face in your ashes









5-6 February 2015

  IMG_7135  IMG_7032 IMG_6503

 Earthen pots scattered

A myriad of clay vessels

Holding none but air

Like waves through lungs that seek not

Hope in thin air travelled frail


Colours everywhere

Spilling their thoughtless pleasure

Tickled eyes’ senses

Inner feelings slightly touched

Missed a tidal wave of heat


A banyan tree stood

Its prop roots waved to the wind

That caressed its gait

Waist uncovered I walked on

Never bearing roots to wave


Birds flocked to their nests

Their shrill piping welcomed trees

That spread out in warmth

A scent of a warmth in mind

Met with chilly happenings


Sun set in pale creek

While mountains blazed in glory

Echoing skies’ fire

Fire that had burnt anew

Simmered under mind’s cool ice


Yellow gator crawled

Thirsting for sea in low tide

As pale lights flickered

Early shades strong had shimmered

Till mind’s tide from them withdrew


Darkness crept on creek

But light actioned its yellow

Eerily sparkling

Strangeness perfused all in heart

That no artefact could warm


False green meadows stretched

On lily white steps that shone

Artificial blend

Welding would not heal a heart

Which fragments timeless shattered


IMG_7262 IMG_7283



Requiem in steel

Requiem in steel

27-28 January 2015

 IMG_5803 (2)


Sun glints on fire blades

Alit roads of metal speak

Of cuttings of light

The scissors took to my mind

And carved away silent paths


A window now shone

With sparkle of steely might

Extending below

A steely will stretched ahead

Breaching old oaths of softness


Sun suddenly fled

Leaving panes engulfed in dark

With shadows of light

Half-truths like half-light stood stark

On a backdrop of intent


A shimmering pane

Welcomed eyes that sparkled back

In the dying light

Remnants of memories lurched

Towards forgotten future


Darkness fell silent

On surfaces of sleek sheet

That bore no traces

In heart that loses itself

A steel-clad requiem plays


IMG_5803 (3)



Dances in blue

Dances in blue

26 January 2015



Sun gathers yellow

A basket of warm glory

That sits in ice blue

For a heart between two minds

Fire sets in icicles


Camel bone spread white

Flaunted an absence of hide

Tall semblance of life

A mind stripped of fleshy thoughts

Gathers blues of survival


A breeze scattered forth

Ashen remains in pale pot

From embers that died

Extinguishing the choices

Heart a chamber painted grey


Earthen clay surrounds

A whistling flow of rank air

That reached out to lungs

A well of secret whispers

Threw hope’s rope up the ladder


Pink row after row

Cobbled stones were never match

To bricks interlocked

Minds that locked in communion

Bore of smooth no resemblance


The creek stretched in sight

A mirror of prancing blue

With castles above

Sands in time cast long shadows

Of memories of tall tales


Dark and light played on

Alternating slight figures

Like flickering flames

A thought persistent shimmered

Azure flows washed me anew


Blue water falling

On my head in the shower

Like droplets of ink

The skies write in hearts that sink

Stories of lifeboats that dance


IMG_5756 IMG_5772 IMG_5778





A Sense of Wonder

A Sense of Wonder

23 January 2015



Stars above burned bright

Exhaling scent of jasmine

The night sighed softly

Night’s cool stilled my wilderness

As I breathed in what she breathed


The nightingale sang

To a tune etched between times

The morrow embraced today

As dawn crept into my mind

That ceased its wandering quest


Pale shadows would stretch

Spirits dancing in the wind

To flames unbeknownst

The mind flickering responds

As it twists and turns in tides


A crow grazed like cows

Its beak a semblance of thorn

Lost are now its roots

Black in my mind left ajar

Left coal’s streaks among roses


Birds awoke to light

That stirred in their nest aflame

From sun’s beckoning

A lone memory called not

A heart that set its course right


The cock crowed no more

Its voice now silent on land

That stretched in stillness

A lake within flowed silent

Its surface clear of intent


Petunia now bloomed

Reaching out to sun’s kisses

As sunflower leapt

A leap of faith overcame

The longest bridges of mind


A tear fell silent

For the beauty of all

That unravelled grace

Softly spoken promises

That behold my eye in awe


wonder2        wonder10