Shells of Flames

Shells of Flames

5 August 2016

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In glory we set the purpose of Flames

The battlefield signed with blood of the hosts

The hearts we forget in thrill of the games

The endless confined by flags that mind posts


Now laden regret the tears of the Thames

For the bodies lined the conquests one boasts

Hearts aid and abet the hand that them maims

A closure to fret horizon of ghosts


Pray tell me now clear where do rivers flow

When thick with the blood they ravage valleys

I harbour no fear of underground glow


Oncoming the flood of tears that we know

The hearts that we smear in night-clad alleys

Shells of Flames in bud that silent we grow


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Back to You – Brett Anderson & Emmanuelle Seigner




30 July 2016

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We will colour knees

That scrape grounds

With the hues

Of rainbows locked in dewdrops

Purple sheen the sounds


Green yellow

Mixture of the traits

Melting pot

Of the threads

Princess the pauper now weds

In new beginnings


The Kings flock

In bed-ridden day


Seeking ends

Closure within exposure

The key to the lock


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The Sea – My brightest Diamond

Reaching through to the Other Side – My brightest Diamond

We added it Up – My brightest Diamond

متى تجيؤ؟

متى تجيؤ

١٥ أغستس ٦٠١٥


متى تجيؤ

يأَس العين دمعا

كلُ ظل ظلُك


قبَلني المر

سار منك عسلا

تغيُر الذوق


و رنَ قلبي

تابعا لحن وترك

رنين الآهات


قبَلت ثديي

في أحرج أحلامي

فكتمت السِر


متى تجيؤ

يا الَذي خان السِر

كل ذل ذلُك


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9 luglio 2015

both together2

Ti guardo timorosa ma sperando
Che i tuoi ricordi mancano all’appello
Che il tuo cuore ascolta più della mente
Che solo dei momenti velluti giri ritornello
Ed inebetita rintraccio le strade passate

Forse avrei trovato il senso della vita
Dentro le lacrime che cascano sul tuo volto
Dai tuoi belli e scuri occhi infossati
Accesi come due braci fiammeggianti
Diamanti incisi nella tua faccia scura

Forse avrei trovato uno squarcio di cielo
Soffiando parole dimenticate nelle tue orecchie
Le mie labbra vicino ai tuoi templi brizzolati
Dove il battito cardiaco si illumina svogliato
Dove la mascella dimentica di stringere

Forse avrei trovato il motivo per sorridere
Nel delicato chiarore del tuo naso storto
Appena sopra il piano di curve
Che porta all’angolo dove la tua labbra piena
Trova finalmente nuova gioia nel nostro abbraccio


9 July 2015

jawline kiss 8 (2)

I look upon you fearful though hopeful

That your memories have missed a call

That your heart listens more than mind

For only our velvet moments to recall

And dazed, retrace features of the past


Perhaps I would find the meaning of life

Within the tears that roll down your face

From your beautiful dark sunken eyes

Blazing like two flaming pieces of coal

Etched diamonds in your rugged dark face


Perhaps I would have a glimpse of heaven

Whispering forgotten words in your ears

Lips close to your greying temples

Where your heartbeat glows listless

Where your jaw forgets to clench


Perhaps I would find the reason to smile

In the delicate flare of your crooked nose

Just above the curvaceous plane

Leading to the corner where your full lip

Finally finds new joy in our embrace

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Distant sunrays shine

Distant sunrays shine

26 May 2015


Weeds covered the grass

As the garden ran wild, free

Into confusion

Thoughts helter skelter scattered

Into unkempt tomorrows


A black beetle crawled

Feeling into moving weight

Slowly tucked away

I pack thoughts into bundles

Semblance of orderly tides


Flowers in stacks piled

Petals blooming out of ranks

Luminous arrays

Within my chest rows of light

To darkened thorns spoke silent


Silver moon stared grim

Into crescent’s stirring light

Distant sunrays shine

A glimmer of hope dives far

Into inner recesses

going home4

Sun bled tomorrow

Sun bled tomorrow

17 May 2015

going home3

Flowers bloomed sunkissed

With the glory of mornings

Shining in the dark

Iridescent lips whisper

Secrets of a fleeting night


Sheltering rains poured

Blue lakes’ crimson waters flowed

Violet locks swirled

One lasting embrace of love

That outlived journey onward


I opened my veins

To an existence that leads

Beyond this unreal

Reaching further into truth

In a place where dark meets light


Sun bled tomorrow

On a waning, withered cheek

That spoke quiet sleep

Winter’s calm all of ice clad

Welcomed soul’s eternal flight

going home6

In reed I renewed myself

In reed I renewed myself

13-14 April 2015




The sun waved to clouds

That tremulous followed it

Between rays and blues

Shades of hope and fear washed me

With oncoming deliverance


Banyan trees reached out

Strong wooden arms lifted up

Inviting fibres

Connected synapses rushed

With memories of a lifetime


The ocean stretched out

Its salty water drenched all

With crusts of white foam

As memories flowed silver

All golden thoughts ebbed away


Imperial pine trees

Glanced down on reeds that flew light

Silken, unbroken

In reed I renewed myself

And the sun kissed my lashes



Gurdjieff And De Hartmann – Songs of Sayyids and Dervishes

Traces of you

Traces of you

1 March 2015


 The moon waxed in sight

Of sparkling lilies that shone

With eerie brightness

In glaring light of your thoughts

A haunting split in heart lurched


Stars high receded

Giving in to the dark night

That crawled over us

Like an octopus creeping

Lurked the traces of discord


Night’s black ink rejoiced

Taking over all terrains

That skies led astray

You wronged me in directions

That led to our every way


The sky vibrant cried

Its muffled voice in grey clouds

A requiem stark

In wailing of our heart’s death

I left no traces of you

I felled a tree

I felled a tree

11 January 2015

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The bird once more soared

Wings clinging to yesterday

Encumbered dark flight

Into my mind’s nest it flew

Birds, why do you flutter so?


The sparrow revelled

In a nest left free from egg

Where moss met chill’s rant

Cold had crept into my thoughts

That once had felt warmth of faith


Drunken butterflies

Feasting on million flowers

Followed the bird’s flight

Sobering sadness seized me

As lost wings’ scars ached again


Petunias quivered

Pink and white bells of penance

That hung in sorrow

Head followed in remembrance

Of lost trail of upward trends


Jasmine filled the air

With sweet scent of forgiveness

Engulfing senses

A tidal wave renewed hope

As winged creatures sang in ears


The leaves whispered winds

Warning all creatures of loss

As the axe hummed low

Unmoved, the reaper answered

In hoarse promise of quick death


Shivers ran through trunks

As the message now sank in

Bringing hush to woods

Breaking it I felled a tree

That had once been all my joy


Leaves raked into piles

Bundles of forgotten might

Tell stories of trees

That once like us too stood tall

Now riddled with memories

Sleep eternal

Sleep eternal

21 August 2014


The night closes in

Starless skin engulfs my frame

The road lies ahead

Winding maze I walk into

Garland in hand for my groom


Yama looks upon

As I follow in consent

Starlit path goes live

Engorged with his scent, bloodless

Mind flees earthen illusion


Pink petals falling

Silken weave tied to his hair

We tour sacred fires

How many years will it stay

Eternity as I pray


A thousand souls plucked

Follow our trail in blessing

Of union divine

A call from another world

Stirs thoughts of fragmentation


The beloved smiles

Pearly white outshining heart

Pulsating with love

Who could see him thus fearsome?

Sleep eternal here I come